Many in the Trump administration are attempting to portray the intelligence agencies, military, and other systems that organize into what is known as the Deep State as the force of corruption preventing change. People such a Neoconservative Newt Gangrich are claiming that the Deep State is destabilizing the Trump administration in a hostile manner. This is easily seen as false and is arguably the opposite. Trump's administration has declared during the Conservative Political Action Conference during February 2017 expressing that the main objective of the administration is "the deconstruction of the administrative state", i.e. the defederalization of the US government and the dismantling of federal apparatuses. These efforts have largely coincided with the white nationalist and white supremacist organization system under the ideology of the Alt Right, with major figures such as Steve Bannon as key ideologues. A second form of extremism that is noted within these efforts of the deconstruction are the New Christian Right, what is defined as Christian fascism. With people such as the Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet members Betsy Devoss, Scott Pruitt, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, and Nikki Haley all falling under this extremist ideology. Both forms ultimately serve corporate and moneyed interests, as is the case of fascism and far right extremism since the days of the Fascista Party in Italy.

The true intention of these two factions in their efforts of deconstructing the federal system is a power-play for their own devices. The inherit existence of white nationalism and white supremacy is strongly present in these two systems. The policies and actions of both the Alt Right and the Christian fascists within government have demonstrated to be antithetical to the basic principles of individual security that gave basis to our national identity as a democracy. These forces, objectively part of the far right, have been found to even be infiltrating and subverting the mechanism of local and state police institutions.

It has even been noted that these forces pose the greatest threat to the security of persons and national security; superseding Islamic extremists by multiple times the amounts of attacks and kills.

The fact that people as common as an average young person are capable of identifying this clear self interest and power struggle on both sides of the conflict (see previous writings in regards to criticism of the power play of the Deep State : ) demonstrates that these power plays are not founded in objective reality, but the collective delusions of the participants within the drama.

The breakdown of the United States as a collective entity will lead to the collapse of civilization, if handled irresponsibly such as how the kleptocratic oligarchic far right nationalistic extremists are. Who are also currently attempting to rebuild a system of supremacy based on feudalistic principles. Principles that are flawed backwards thinking; such as religious fundamentalism/literalism, the belief of genetic superiority based on skin pigmentation and physical features of superficial value, and the sacrificing of scientific intellect in cases such as rejecting evolutionary science. Or interpreting evolutionary science to fit a widely discredited variation of survival of the fittest, conceived off of primitive human logic and contradictory rationality.

If such a breakdown of civilization occurs, the full collapse of the biosphere as a result of kleptocratic mismanagement and corporate profit driven incentivized consumption that commodifies everything and disregards environmental responsibility as externalities; will result in the extinction of the human species. This is not an acceptable scenario and one that will fail on its own. However, in an effort to prevent these catastrophes from occurring, resistance by institutions and individuals alike will be required. It is not an impossible task; and it is a task we must all take initiative in.