Trump's Radio Ads Promise American Utopia

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina citizens are now graced with the voice of Donald Trump on their morning commutes.

Trump’s two new radio ads aired Friday; the beginning of his first active ad campaign since he started running for president in June.

“Politicians are all talk and no action, they will never make our country great again,” Trump said during his first radio spot posted on the campaign website.

A press release from Trump’s campaign said the radio spots are valued at $300,000 and will last through the end of November. It also said that these two 60-second-tid-bits are broadcasted on 11 different radio markets in the three states.

Trump says his reign as president will be “iconic” and that “no country will ever mess with us” if he is in charge. This idealistic view echoes earlier sentiments made on the countless TV and press appearances he has accumulated free of charge

US News said that these small advertising buys are just the tip of the iceberg: Trump now plans to continue to advertise as his competitors flood the airwaves and TV screens with TV ads and more.

The first radio ad is all Trump who focuses on his biggest selling points for Iowa, “trade, defense and immigration,” as US News observes.

The second ad features a sultry-sounding female narrator who paints the glorious picture of Trump’s rise to power.

“It’s time to make America great again, maybe even better before,” she proclaims.

He promises to end illegal immigration, strike down ISIS, and solve all of America’s problems; do you believe him?

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