Oh, Donald Trump. The man who was once apart of the billionaire society in America became our president just a short month ago. Since then, he has chosen a cabinet that is filled with interesting characters to say the least. Since all of them humor me, I thought it was appropriate to poke fun at the irrational characters that he has chosen. Disclaimer: I AM JOKING OKAY.

Ben Carson-Andy Bernard

Andy, like Ben Carson, is unaware of things going on most of the time. Also similar amongst the men is the fact that they are both Ivy League educated and certified "geniuses" but don't really know their way around the office they were put into.

Linda McMahon-Meredith Palmer

The similarities between these two women are simply astounding. Not only are they both women who say outrageous things, they both have a way with hiring big sweaty men to perform staged acts.

Wilbur Ross-Kevin Malone

Kevin and good ole Wilbur boy have a lot in common. First, they are both failures in the game of life, Wilbur in terms of bankruptcy and Kevin in everything he does. Kevin once tried to save a dead turtle that he thought was still alive under his cracked shell. The commerce department under Ross will do the same.

Betsy DeVos-Angela Martin

Betsy DeVos is just a little bit crazy, making her the obvious choice for Angela. Angela is a crazy cat woman, and before Trump appointed her to this job, she probably was, too. (I imagine that she sat in her palace with her gold plated toilets and purebred cats. She doesn't like breed mixing.) At least with Angela, she knows the type of job she is in for, unlike DeVos who has never taught in a classroom before(!!!)

Nikki Haley-Jan Levenson

Nikki Haley is just like Jan. On the surface, they are both the quintessential American girls, yet everyone knows they are both big words that rhymes with "itches." Also, the fact that Michael called Jan Hillary Clinton says that like Trump, they are both afraid of women in power.

Reince Priebus- Toby Flenderson

Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chairman, is just like Toby. Not only are both men boring as hell, they both do a terrible job at enforcing the rules. I can't wait to see what Priebus does with Dunder Mifflin the White House.

Steve Mnuchin-Dwight Schrute

Dwight and Steve are alike in the sense that they both have strange ways to obtaining "gratified" positions. Dwight had a goal to become branch manager, and Mnuchin was over a billion dollar corporation, so he must know all about running a branch of the federal government. While Dwight Schrute took over a position that was originated by Michael Scott, Stevie boy is taking over one originated by Alexander Hamilton. I don't know which is worse.

Jeff Sessions-Michael Scott

Sessions is the perfect example of Michael Scott because both men are equally racist. Also, they are both characters that I want to like, but cannot force myself to.

Scott Pruitt-Robert California

Both of these men know how to embody being creepy and denying things, even when there is proof. These men, like denying climate change, are both fantastic at being major a holes.

Mike Pence-Creed Bratton

Creed and Mike Pence both say vile things and have the capabilities to do some scary things despite appearing innocent.