Shame: Trump Strips White House Website of Good Grammar

Only 6 Bigly Patriotic Platform Issues

Yeah, it might seem strange for the government of 300+ million people to have only 6 concerns, but 6 points fit well onto an essay, 2 pages of notebook paper, front and back.

That's 12 fewer than George W Bush:

And 18 fewer than Obama:

Also minus, of course, civil rights, women, social security, education, and veterans.That Trump removed the "Veterans" section from his agenda also makes sense: whose 6th grade teacher hasn't told them to "kill their darlings?" Trump killed his biggest darling of all! He truly cares!

Grammatical Errors Left and Right

Melania Trump's bio:

Horrifying Lack of Close Editing

On the "Internships" page:

Truly Disgusting Inconsistencies

Including military plans on the "Foreign Policy" page that were not on the "Military" page:

And the Gordian knot that is the navigation footer, which includes:

1) Alternating between "&" and "and"

2) Capitalizing Prepositions, then not capitalizing them elsewhere

Did the writer go to school in Betsy DeVos' Michigan?

Copying and Pasting

Like, why is the text from a COMPLETELY SEPARATE PAGE, "Trade Deals Working for All Americans", on the "Foreign Policy" page?

And what is this?

You are not even trying

Glimmer of hope: if we impeach them all, will we eventually get to swear in cinnamon roll Karen Pence?


God damn it.

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