The Only ‘Wall’ Trump Is Building Is Between The U.S. And Our Allies, And America's Gonna Pay For It

The Only ‘Wall’ Trump Is Building Is Between The U.S. And Our Allies, And America's Gonna Pay For It

Nobody wants to fight Russia, but nor do we want to be best buddies with them either.


Can anyone please tell me what Trump is even doing anymore? I really don't know and am at a loss as to where even to begin looking for answers. An immigration ban that defies the ideals of our nation, a tariff war with our closest allies and biggest exporters, separating families and lying about where the policies were coming from, and now wanting to build a bond with Russia, of all countries.

What the fuck, Donny?

Let me start by clarifying that I don't think Russia or the people of Russia are inherently bad. Some great things and people have come out of Russia! Electrical transformers, synthetic rubber, radio, modern helicopters, Soyuz spacecraft (the only way to bring astro/cosmonauts back from space), and televisions all came out of Russia.

But I don't see anything grand emerging from what Trump is doing. Trump is not building anything but a platform of trust issues.

The Helinski summit that happened recently did nothing but make our country look bad. I don't see what way the US benefited from that meeting. It makes no sense to me.

Why is our country not pushing harder against Russia's government? With every day that passes more and more information is being presented showing connections and links between Russia and our elections.

He had this to say the other day, "I accept our intelligence community's conclusion that Russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place… It could be other people also. A lot of people out there. There was no collusion at all." Just, why? Why deny what some many others are saying. Especially so many in our own intelligence agencies?

Just the other day a Russia national was arrested for allegedly violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act — she was working to infiltrate the NRA to advance a pro-Russian agenda to the GOP.

Yet, Trump brushes them off in order to save face for his best buddy, Putin. He went as far as to tweet out, "Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They would rather go to war than see this. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!"

But let me ask you, what makes not liking someone an act of war? It's apparent you don't along too well with Emmanuel Macron or Justin Trudeau, but I don't see s going to war or rolling out the tanks because of it.

Nobody wants to fight Russia, but nor do we want to be best buddies with them either.

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I'm The Girl Who'd Rather Raise A Family Than A Feminist Protest Sign

You raise your protest picket signs and I’ll raise my white picket fence.

Social Media feeds are constantly filled with quotes on women's rights, protests with mobs of women, and an array of cleverly worded picket signs.

Good for them, standing up for their beliefs and opinions. Will I be joining my tight-knit family of the same gender?

Nope, no thank you.

Don't get me wrong, I am not going to be oblivious to my history and the advancements that women have fought to achieve. I am aware that the strides made by many women before me have provided us with voting rights, a voice, equality, and equal pay in the workforce.

SEE ALSO: To The Girl Who Would Rather Raise A Family Than A Feminist Protest Sign

For that, I am deeply thankful. But at this day in age, I know more female managers in the workforce than male. I know more women in business than men. I know more female students in STEM programs than male students. So what’s with all the hype? We are girl bosses, we can run the world, we don’t need to fight the system anymore.

Please stop.

Because it is insulting to the rest of us girls who are okay with being homemakers, wives, or stay-at-home moms. It's dividing our sisterhood, and it needs to stop.

All these protests and strong statements make us feel like now we HAVE to obtain a power position in our career. It's our rightful duty to our sisters. And if we do not, we are a disappointment to the gender and it makes us look weak.

Weak to the point where I feel ashamed to say to a friend “I want to be a stay at home mom someday.” Then have them look at me like I must have been brain-washed by a man because that can be the only explanation. I'm tired of feeling belittled for being a traditionalist.


Because why should I feel bad for wanting to create a comfortable home for my future family, cooking for my husband, being a soccer mom, keeping my house tidy? Because honestly, I cannot wait.

I will have no problem taking my future husband’s last name, and following his lead.

The Bible appoints men to be the head of a family, and for wives to submit to their husbands. (This can be interpreted in so many ways, so don't get your panties in a bunch at the word “submit”). God specifically made women to be gentle and caring, and we should not be afraid to embrace that. God created men to be leaders with the strength to carry the weight of a family.

However, in no way does this mean that the roles cannot be flipped. If you want to take on the responsibility, by all means, you go girl. But for me personally? I'm sensitive, I cry during horror movies, I'm afraid of basements and dark rooms. I, in no way, am strong enough to take on the tasks that men have been appointed to. And I'm okay with that.

So please, let me look forward to baking cookies for bake sales and driving a mom car.

And I'll support you in your endeavors and climb to the top of the corporate ladder. It doesn't matter what side you are on as long as we support each other, because we all need some girl power.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Repeat After Me: Nobody Cares That You're Not A Feminist

Really, no one.


Feminism is one of those topics that people tend to deem "controversial" as if fighting for equality across the globe is truly something that should be considered a dispute. It's obviously controversial with men, who refuse to accept and acknowledge the amount of privilege that has allowed them to dominate the world; they want the credit for it, they just won't admit that it caused women a lot of pain in order for them to get there.

And though in theory, it shouldn't be, feminism is controversial with women, too. These are the same people that think privilege is a dirty word. Or that acknowledging any sort of inequality somehow makes you sensitive or weak, synonymous with a "liberal."

The unwillingness to educate oneself about intersectional feminism and the disdain for those who have is often boasted about as it's some kind of personality trait. You don't have to be an activist or a feminist by any means but hating on women who are true doesn't do a thing besides revealing your internalized misogyny. The worst part is that many of the critiques from women who claim feminism is useless are based on misconceptions of what modern-day feminism really is. You see a photo of a woman protesting with her breasts out and assume that that's all that feminists do. Radical versions and extremes are the majority of what goes viral/what more people see so it's not best to make assumptions based on that.

Another claim against feminism that's rampant is the idea that just because one woman feels she doesn't "need" it, then neither does anybody else. Not only is this entirely egocentric but it is also ridden with privilege. Just because you and I aren't living in fear of things like a drastic difference in your pay or even worse — honor killings or female genital mutilation — does not mean that other people aren't. We have the ability to use our privilege to raise awareness for these issues. You may not want to but it's completely backward to hate on people who do.

An additional criticism is the idea that:

1. there are only two genders and

2. men and women are biologically different so equality is unattainable.

First of all, scientifically, sex and gender are two different things. Sex is biological while gender is socially and culturally constructed. Gender is a spectrum. Secondly, yes, men and women are different (duh) but that does not warrant inequality that constantly sets women back. You don't have to be a feminist but at least know the facts.

So no, nobody really cares that you're not a feminist and it's definitely not something to shout from the rooftops about. Hating on your own misperceptions of feminism doesn't make you different or cool or unique.

It's not going to change anything but feminism will. Because guess what? We're still fighting for your equality over here.

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