The number of natural disasters in the United States in 2017 alone is more than the 10-year average. The number of terrorist attacks is uncountable, Northern California went up in flames, and so much more environmental and social issues have taken place all in the last year.

The only change to this country in the past year has been who's in charge. Donald Trump became President and the whole country went up in flames. Literally and figuratively.

Not only did Northern California practically burn down, but there have been more hurricanes in 2017 than there were in the last 5 years.

It may seem ridiculous to "blame" natural disasters on one human being but if you think about how little Trump cares about the environment, and how much funding he has cut for it, there is a correlation.

Trump thinks global warming is fake, but it's time to look up and smell the roses... or look up and smell the fires.

As for terrorist attacks, other people and other countries are clearly trying to send a message that they do not approve of who is in power, but neither does a large part of the U.S.

With cities being attacked, shootings happening at festivals and all over without control, and Trump doing things like throwing paper towels at hurricane victims (very helpful sir, I'm sure that made it better), this country is in for a very interesting next three years.

Positivity in this country has declined in my opinion, as well. Trump made a comment at a rally about a protester saying that he missed the "good ol' days" when law enforcement would have "ripped them out of their seat" for saying something, which doesn't exactly promote the right to protest or an all-around positive environment.

Sometimes I wonder if the man has read the Constitution - who knows?

Whatever the man does, we can always remain politically informed - or at least entertained - through Twitter! Donald's Twitter is filled with remarks that may or may not be true involving our country, but will for sure make you laugh on occasion.

Whether it's Trumps fault or not, its a reality that our country has taken some serious hits in more ways than one this year.

Hopefully 2018 is looking up.