Our World Starting Falling Apart When Donald Trump Became President

Our World Starting Falling Apart When Donald Trump Became President

Trump's leadership causes the U.S. to take hits in more ways than one.

The number of natural disasters in the United States in 2017 alone is more than the 10-year average. The number of terrorist attacks is uncountable, Northern California went up in flames, and so much more environmental and social issues have taken place all in the last year.

The only change to this country in the past year has been who's in charge. Donald Trump became President and the whole country went up in flames. Literally and figuratively.

Not only did Northern California practically burn down, but there have been more hurricanes in 2017 than there were in the last 5 years.

It may seem ridiculous to "blame" natural disasters on one human being but if you think about how little Trump cares about the environment, and how much funding he has cut for it, there is a correlation.

Trump thinks global warming is fake, but it's time to look up and smell the roses... or look up and smell the fires.

As for terrorist attacks, other people and other countries are clearly trying to send a message that they do not approve of who is in power, but neither does a large part of the U.S.

With cities being attacked, shootings happening at festivals and all over without control, and Trump doing things like throwing paper towels at hurricane victims (very helpful sir, I'm sure that made it better), this country is in for a very interesting next three years.

Positivity in this country has declined in my opinion, as well. Trump made a comment at a rally about a protester saying that he missed the "good ol' days" when law enforcement would have "ripped them out of their seat" for saying something, which doesn't exactly promote the right to protest or an all-around positive environment.

Sometimes I wonder if the man has read the Constitution - who knows?

Whatever the man does, we can always remain politically informed - or at least entertained - through Twitter! Donald's Twitter is filled with remarks that may or may not be true involving our country, but will for sure make you laugh on occasion.

Whether it's Trumps fault or not, its a reality that our country has taken some serious hits in more ways than one this year.

Hopefully 2018 is looking up.

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Oprah Winfrey Running For President?

Golden Globe speech sparking some ideas.

As of Sunday, January 7, 2018, Oprah Winfrey made a few remarks during her Golden Globe speech, hinting to her possibly running for president in 2020. Later, two of her friends, who wish to remain anonymous confirm this speculation. One of the friends said that this idea has been looming for months now but that Winfrey did not come to a conscience yet.

The main point of Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes was the #MeToo movement. She also made a statement of, "A new day is on the horizon", which many liberal celebrities and viewers heard as a possible campaign cry.

At the moment, there is no serious talk right now about her running for president, but some of her fans have voiced their opinions through Twitter and Facebook after she had her speech. Along with her fans, her long time partner, Stedman Graham also mentioned that her running for president was a possibility

However what Winfrey does not have is political experience. When she needs political advice she looks to the Obamas and she fully endorsed Hillary Clinton. We may have our next Democratic candidate for the 2020 election. Although the race for president does not start until after the 2018 midterms, many candidates are getting a head start. Maybe this is her making her first move. What do you think? Will America choose another TV star as our president?

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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What Should We Believe About the President's Administration?

Release of book "Fire and Fury" creates loads of controversy

2018 has already started off with a bang. Only about two weeks into the brand-new year and we have already seen many bizarre events take place, specifically with our president, Donald Trump. Just today he insulted several struggling nations like Haiti and the nations in the African continent. He had a bizarre interview with “The Wall Street Journal” where he answered some questions with puzzling responses.

But probably the craziest thing that has happened was the release of the book “Fire and Fury” written Michael Wolff and published on January 5th. No matter what your political leanings are, you must admit that the content in this book really makes you scratch your head. What the heck is going on in the White House?

Personally, I did not read the book but from what I have seen through articles online is that Wolff made some insane accusations about the Trump administration. Some of these claims include things such as going in depth to marriage troubles between Melania Trump and Donald Trump. According to an article by Variety, Trump eats McDonald's instead of food prepared for him because of a fear of being poisoned.

Apparently, many of the people that were a part of his campaign did not believe he would win and some articles say the book claims even Trump and Melania were just as shocked as everyone else about the election results. As a candidate Trump apparently had no interest in learning about the Constitution, that they got as far as the Fourth Amendment before Trump lost patience. This is according to the former adviser to the Trump campaign Sam Nunberg.

Trump would talk about getting in bed with other women, “Trump liked to say that one of the things that made life worth living was getting your friends’ wives into bed” according to the book. More of the claims that the book makes target Ivanka (Trump’s daughter) and her husband while most of the book tries to portray that the President’s administration is in chaos as many of the White House Staff believe he is unfitting to be in office.

Quite honestly, it is very difficult to believe a lot of what this book claims. That’s why if you do decide to read it you should have a feeling of skepticism as this could be as credible as a gossip article in a tabloid magazine. Autor of the book, Michael Wolff claims he has “100%” credible sources and that his book details specific information of how the Presidential Administration functions.

Wolff claims that his reasoning for writing this book is to allow the American people to see through the walls of the White House and that his intentions were not to try to hurt the President’s public image. However, it is difficult to believe that Wolff wrote the book with an unbias point of view.

As far as anybody knows, his best source is Steve Bannon, a key part of Trump’s campaign staff and was the White House Chief Strategist until resigning back in August of last year. Wolff believes that the book will end Trump’s presidency with what he believes are revelations that will make the people believe that Trump is truly unfit to be in office.

However, even though his book is selling well so far, this is very unlikely to happen.

Many critics put into question Wolff’s political knowledge as he made several errors in his book, also, according to an article by National Review, claims that Wolff often does not take a critical view for his sources and will take anything he is told as factual. Many critics put into his lack of sources aside from Steve Bannon who is also considered not an accurate source as well. One thing that might help gain Wolff some credibility would be that he was at the White House on several occasions acting as a “fly on the wall”.

But besides that, he does not have much ground for his claims. Not to mention some claims are not news to the American people, we know he makes bizarre and sometimes inaccurate statements that don’t come as a shock. As for some of the other claims, including accusations of Russian connections, have little to no ground beside some unnamed sources.

It was already clear that Trump’s administration hasn’t run the most smoothly either, maybe some of the claims in Wolff’s book are true. Who knows. It’s just very difficult to believe. What a crazy way to start off the new year right?

I know I’m curious to see how this all gets played out in the future. Many of Trump’s staff including Trump himself obviously discredited the book as simple gossip. Whether you like or hate Trump give Michael Wolff’s book a read, even if it’s out of curiosity.

I only scratched the surface of all the claims the book makes. If you enjoy politics like myself and want to go more in depth look for “Fire and Fury” in the closest book store. I know I definitely want to give it a read.

Cover Image Credit: ukprogressive

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