10 Things Smicks Know All Too Well

For those who go to Saint Mary's, no explanation of this article is necessary. For those who don't go to, and never have gone to, Saint Mary's, no explanation would suffice. Our community at Saint Mary's is a lifelong sisterhood, and we go through thick and thin together. With that being said, here are a few things that we've gone through together that those who have attended SMC will definitely find to be true!

1. Finding parking in Regina is like finding the Holy Grail.

And you'll do anything to make yourself fit in that lot, even if it's not in a real spot.

2. If it's 10 degrees outside and a Smick is wearing shorts in the DH...she lives in Le Mans.

While the rest freeze just walking two feet out our doors.

3. The ring is the thing!

Class rings, ring by spring...the list can go on!

4. Holy Cross Hall feels like it's an eternity away from everything.

News Flash: It's only 10 minutes away from the farthest point on campus.

5. Despite the misconceptions of nuns, the Sisters of the Holy Cross are pretty kick *ss!

^ Live action shot of the convent on campus.

6. Missing class is an ordeal.

With about 90% of our classes being 25 students or less, your professor will know if you're not there. You've gotta plan what day you miss, what your excuse is, etc.

7. No Makeup? No Problem!

Who are you trying to impress anyways?

8. "Where the heck is Saint Mary's?"

"Oh! The one in California?"
No, in Notre Dame.

9. Despite the mixups, we love being a part of the ND community!

And our hearts forever love thee Notre Dame!

10. Once a Belle, Always a Belle!

Most importantly, Belles always stick together! We are a family, a community, and truly a lifelong sisterhood. Family may seem far away while at college, but remember: these girls are the sisters that God forgot to give you.

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