True Meanings of Christmas

People believe that they have known the meaning of Christmas for centuries. People say it is religious reasoning, the birth of Jesus Christ. But not everyone is religious. What happens when you are not religious and not sure what Christmas really means for you? Then you define your own idea of Christmas. Just like how everyone celebrates everything differently, come up with something of your own.

Religion may be a big part of your family, then use that in your own holiday celebrations. Go to the midnight Christmas service. Sing the songs in church. Fill your heart with God and the birth of Jesus each year. Do not tell others what you think is correct because then you ruin their Christmas. That is not right for them to be told that their family is wrong.

If religion is not your thing then go on celebrating how you celebrate. If that is watching Christmas movies all night on Christmas Eve in your PJs, then do that. Bake as many Christmas cookies as you want. If your children know only Santa Claus, that is completely fine. Do whatever you do best and love. Do not write someone off because they are going to church all through December and shouting out praise to God. Once again, you ruin their Christmas, and it is not fair to them or their family.

If you do not know what the meaning of Christmas is, I can give you mine. I grew up knowing Santa Claus and that it was about the birth of Jesus Christ. I had the best of both worlds. But I still was unsure of what it really meant. Is it about the joy of giving gifts? Is it all about the love for God and the birth of His Son?

I came to the realization that Christmas has many meanings and that I am the only person who can define what Christmas really means for me as a person. Christmas is about family. Christmas is about friends. All of those holiday traditions, baking cookies, watching endless amounts of Christmas movies that I grew up on and the cheesy Hallmark and LifeTime movies. Secret Santas are the best because you do not know who got who. Paper ball fights with your family and starting to whip them like baseballs or a pinless grenade.

Christmas is what you make of it. Just like every other holiday. That is the most important thing. That is the meaning of Christmas.

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