There are always going to be tropes in every kind of story, no matter the genre — but some of them are either overused or overrated for many different reasons. I have listed some of the few that we see way too often in both television, films, and books. from crappy vampire relationships to Meredith Grey. Enjoy!

1. "The Love Triangle."

This was over and done with during the "Twilight" era. Love triangles are toxic and unhealthy; why are we still glorifying them?

2. "The Chosen One."

This has been done countless times, and has been well-executed, but I say that we move onto a new and underrated "trope."

3. "The last of his kind."

Like, honestly, how realistic is that?

4. "Single Mother Starts Dating Someone and Her Daughter Dates His Son."

Why do shows do this? It's gross! They could be siblings one day!

5. "Let's Never Call The Cops" and "Let's Split Up."

Happens in every horror movie! It never ends well. Seriously, if they just act like sensible human beings they would never die. And why does no one ever trust the cops in horror movies? Or any movies for that matter?!

6. "Girl Needs Strong Male to Help The Plot."

It is very hard to come up with a movie where this happens, because it can almost always be argued. Which is sad. Come on, it's 2017.

7. "Hear Me Roar."

I get really tired of reading from the point of view of a snotty, egotistical, self-absorbed main character. There's a different from being badass and being annoying. And do not get me started on my opinions of Meredith Grey.