Trisha Paytas is a YouTube celebrity who has been around for over a decade. In recent years, she's been associated with other YouTubers such as David Dobrik.

Due to her many years on YouTube, she's said many well-known lines, and many of them are controversial, confusing, or both. Here are some lines from her recent controversial video.

1. "I felt like a thicc boy, and I kinda love being a thicc boy."

2. "I think I choose to identify as a boy"

3. "I don't love pronouns like they/them, because that's super confusing (I think)...That sounds like plural people."

4. "I think you can be a guy some days, and I think you can be a girl some days."

5. "I identify more as like, a gay man."

6. "I do love like, glam and voluptuousness."

7. "I don't like to be center of attention, except when I want to be center of attention."

8. "When I want to put on a show, I put on the hair, I put on the makeup, I put on the outfits."

9. "I've always been attracted to gay guys. That's why I thought maybe I'm a gay man."

10. "Straight guys kind of turn me off."

11. "I've always had penis envy, where I just thought it would be easier if I had "that part."

12. "Do I think I'm transgender? Yes, 1,000 percent. Do I identify with my natural-born gender? 1,000 percent."

13. "I've never loved being a female."

14. "But let's be real, I'm basically a drag queen."

15. "I relate to being a gay man."

This video Paytas released on October 7, 2019 is quite controversial. Whether you side with Trisha or not, these quotes will definitely leave you in awe.