My Travel Itinerary If I Were To Win The Lottery

My Travel Itinerary If I Were To Win The Lottery

We always want what we can't have, and I, my friends, am no exception.

Remember when people used to ask you, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” And, if you were a nice person and a liar, you’d answer: “I’d donate it all to charity!”. If you were me, you’d panic and name something stupid you’d spend it on, say, the 718 Porsche Boxster S which is only $69,800, can get from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds, and gets up to 177 mph (!!!!).

Moving on.

If I did happen to win the lottery, I could think of a ton of things I could spend it on. College. Donations. Investments. The 718 Porsche Boxster S. But I also can think of all the elaborate trips I could take, the places I could see, the incredible natural phenomena I would be lucky enough to experience.

My first destination: Machu Picchu

Go big or go home, right? I might as well start this wild hypothetical vacation with some intense mountain climbing. Machu Picchu is called the "Lost City of the Incas" and the Huayana Picchu overlooks its grandeur. The peak lies 2,693 meters above sea level, and the ascent can be challenging. Perfect, I think, for overcoming my mild fear of hiking! This trip will be just what I need to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and I think it'll really set the mood for the rest of my expensive vacation.

I could stay in the Quilla House (pictured below), which has sold me already with its promises of a continental breakfast.

After this super intense vacation, I'm going to need some relaxation. So, I'm heading to one of the nicest spas in the world...

Borgo Egnazia, in Fasano BR, Italy

This resort overlooks the Adriatic sea, and the villas have full kitchens with private gardens and outdoor pools.

Here's an excerpt from a raving review:

"When I arrived at the hotel, the sheer beauty of the place made me weep...Spa Director Patrizia Bortolin has amassed a team of therapists, masseurs, psychologists, yoga masters, naturopaths, musicians and dancers who seem to have been culled from some academy of the spiritual elite...I could see how far I had come and how I had softened towards myself. I think it's called happiness when, for no particular reason, a light giddiness bubbles up. At Vair, they hold you, patiently and tenderly, so you can reset your internal compass. Mine swung from misery to delight."

After all of this spiritual relaxation, I'm going to check an activity off my bucket list: seeing the Northern Lights. This is why I'm going to...

The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, Sweden

Sitting 900 meters above sea level in the remote Mount Nuolija, Aurora Sky Station is the best place to experience the Northern Lights. After taking a chairlift up to the sky station, you have to let your eyes get used to the darkness. There's also a four-course exclusive dinner with a private tour, for the super fancy people.

Nearby to the sky station lies the Ice Hotel, a world-famous hotel and an art exhibition made of ice and snow. You can actually sleep in one of the rooms, which are kept -7 to -9 degrees Celsius.

After this, I'll need one last stop:

Los Angeles, California

While Los Angeles is mildly less transcendent than my other destinations, I've just always wanted to go there.

I can throw it back to my childhood at Disneyland, pop into Hollywood and take one of those terrible "Legends of Hollywood" tours, go on a horseback ride near the Hollywood sign, and go outlet shopping... all in the same day!

Now that I have my vacation itinerary, all I need to do is get ahold of a million bucks!

Cover Image Credit: Roger Ebert

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I am a travel enthusiast. There is nowhere I do not want to go.

Traveling the world is one of my biggest goals in life and I am determined to make it happen. The world is so big and I would love to see every inch of it at some point or another.

However, if I can travel to these 30 places before I turn 30, I will feel as though I have accomplished more than enough.

1. New York City, New York

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Okay, so these are 30 places I want to go out of like, a million. I have traveled to some of these places and would not hesitate one second to go back.

Every new place is like a new adventure, and traveling will forever be so exciting and intruiging to me.

Cover Image Credit: Maisa Teat

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My Future Is Unpredictable And That's Totally Alright

As I prepare for study abroad in Ecuador, I'm going in with no expectations.


For six months, I had plans to study abroad in the Dominican Republic during the fall semester of junior year. Filling out what seemed like endless applications and paperwork, searching for travel ideas on Pinterest, and writing a class research paper on the DR's relationship with its neighboring island, Haiti, I was prepared to live and learn about Dominican culture hands-on.

Then on the Thursday before Finals Week last spring, I read my email. My study abroad program in the DR had gotten canceled. In the span of 30 seconds, my future had taken a new course. Less than a week later, I was submitting papers to study abroad in a new country where another adventure awaited: Ecuador.

If there's anything I've learned in the past year, it's that life is unpredictable and we can't control it. The future is unknown. But-

Who wants to know exactly what's going to happen in the next few years? I mean, I believe it's good to have a direction, but you don't have to have the entire journey pinpointed straight to the core. You meet people, you get inspired, you see things, you have experiences. And you go from there. (Though, I totally respect people who have clear ambitions and stick with them their entire lives.)

Where I was a year ago was a completely different path than where I find myself today. Last summer, I worked four different internships/jobs in the span of three months. A year ago, I would never have guessed my following summer unfolding with an immersion trip to India, a solo adventure to Taiwan & Hong Kong, and becoming a certified yoga instructor. A year ago, I hadn't met half of my best friends. A year ago, I hadn't seen poverty in a third-world country. A year ago, I wasn't even sure I wanted to major in Environmental Studies.

Just because I don't know what the future holds doesn't mean I can't set goals. I have a destination, an idea of where I'm headed and where I want to go. While abroad in Ecuador, I want to learn about sustainable development and coffee production as well as enhance my Spanish skills.

As I prepare for study abroad in Ecuador, I'm going in with no expectations. I know the format of the program. I'll be taking classes and living with a host family and then doing an internship at a farm. Otherwise, I have no idea what's going to happen. And that's what I'm looking forward to the most. The spontaneity. The unexpected. As one of my good friends would say whenever he doesn't have formal weekend plans, "I'm improvising." And you know the one rule of improv: Always say yes.

¡Hasta pronto, Ecuador!

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