Trias - Better Support for Privacy Protection on DeFi
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Trias - Better Support for Privacy Protection on DeFi

Privacy Protection on DeFi

Trias - Better Support for Privacy Protection on DeFi

As for the privacy protection of blockchain, many people have a misconception that blockchain can better protect users' privacy because of its anonymity. The reality is that user information on blockchain is easier to track without proper methods and tools.

In addition to the fact that most exchanges must integrate centralized authentication mechanisms, such as KYC authentication, the mapping between a user's personal information and the anonymous address of the blockchain has already been recorded by the exchanges, and sophisticated data analysis methods make it easy to identify a user's transaction behavior.

So blockchain doesn't automatically protect users' privacy. On the contrary, all transaction information is on the chain, exposing users' habits and even personal identities to the whole world. As a result, blockchain requires more privacy protection than a real transaction system.

Speaking of transaction privacy, people would usually think of hackers, money laundering, hidden networks, etc. but in fact, the need for transaction privacy had been existing since the appearance of the financial scene.

In the cash transaction stage, most human beings' transaction behavior was transparent in a small range, and it was privacy when facing the whole society. After the tools like bank cards and Alipay appeared, the transaction data became transparent to the organizations.

The appearance of the blockchain only allowed the data ownership to return to the hands of the users. In order to achieve the true transaction privacy, they needed to use appropriate methods and tools.

Trias- Plug-in on DeFi

Trias has developed a set of common privacy protection protocols based on its own innovative Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Zero-Knowledge proof scheme, which can support heterogeneous blockchain to achieve privacy protection functions.

Trias focuses on anonymous payments, private transactions, privacy contracts, decentralized identity authentication, etc.

Trias is not a separate privacy token, but as an underlying infrastructure, which can be combined with other public chains and protocols to provide privacy functions for existing assets of different chains such as BTC ETH Polka and realize the protection of users' privacy on different chains. This is what we've been talking about as a layer 1 trusted infrastructure.

The core solution TEE and Zero-Knowledge proof of Trias are mainly for trading privacy scenarios, so Trias can seamlessly integrate the trading privacy involved in projects such as decentralized exchanges, mortgage lending, mining derivatives, etc. in the DEFI ecosystem.

For example, Trias can realize anonymous transactions between BTC and ETH, can realize anonymous payment of stablecoin or even national legal digital currency. It could provide privacy support for DEX, like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and loan market projects like Compound, Aave, YFI and other mining projects. Moreover, with the continuous development of the blockchain, it could also support the needs of anonymous voting, anonymous auction and other scenes.

How could Trias realize privacy protection

1. TEE

From the very beginning, Trias takes the Trusted Execution Environment(TEE) as the core privacy computing technology, which can truly implement the privacy computing technology and provide enterprise-level performance services.

Trias network is designed to support end-to-end privacy and data ownership, with built-in key management and support for TEE such as Intel SGX, enabling it to support new, decentralized applications and services that protect privacy.

TEE is a secure area in the CPU, such as Intel's SGX. It can be seen as a black box, and a smart contract can be run in TEE to protect personal data. TEE has a wide range of applications in the financial field, especially when it comes to some sensitive data, such as face recognition in mobile phones, TEE technology is applied.

In the TEE privacy protection scheme of Trias, the smart contract and data are run in the CPU's Secure Enclave area and output after running. The smart contract is run in a black box, and the data is fully protected during this process.

2. Zero-Knowledge Proof

The principle of Trias' Zero-Knowledge Proof was to make the transaction under the chain into zero-Knowledge Proof, and to package a lot of transactions to make a simple proof. The proof was sent to the chain for quick verification, so as to confirm many wrapped transactions, which could improve the transaction efficiency and the upper layer application efficiency.

Zcash is one of the first applications of Zero-Knowledge Proof. They use Zero-Knowledge Proof ZK-SNARK, but because they need Trusted Setup, Zcash has limited application scenarios. Another Zero-Knowledge Proof project, Monero, is not conducive to its scalability due to the large space occupied by ZK-SNARK. That is to say, in the current SNARK mechanism, some of the mechanisms can achieve constant level proof size, high efficiency, but there are potential problems in security (such as the need for trusted Settings). However, some mechanisms do not require trusted initialization and have high security, but they have logarithmic size proof and low efficiency.

The Zero-Knowledge proof scheme of Trias combined the advantages of the two. It not only didn't need to be trusted but also had a fast speed and small capacity. Trias was a practical, credible, concise and effective Zero-Knowledge Proof. The verification data of Trias was less than 10 KB, and it only took 7 Ms. to verify a statement of 100 thousand logic doors. Without the need to be trusted, it could also prove the constant zero-knowledge, which laid the foundation for the implementation of the privacy technology.

What could Trias bring to the Defi world?

1. Develop Defi application

First of all, as a trusted infrastructure, the bottom layer of Trias design architecture, Leviatom, is a trusted consensus layer based on trusted hardware to implement the trusted computing mechanism. Trias can provide DeFi developers with blockchain basic design modules, and developers can use these components to do some of the tools or applications they want to do for DeFi. Using the infrastructure of Trias, the application building on it has a trusted mechanism to enhance the privacy of the node.

2. Private transaction

Trias trading contract will invoke the ZK-Snark mechanism, which protects the private transactions of ETH and other ERC-20 tokens in the DeFi ecosystem. The contract guarantees transaction privacy by hiding the identity of the initiator and receiver among other users of the system and encrypting the transaction balance. This contract is a key technology to ensure the transaction privacy of all smart contract platforms with Trias protocol integrated.

In the process of contract operation, the algorithm of Trias privacy will enter trades the originators of the account to the private key and the receiver's public key and anonymous set, and the transaction amount to generate Zero-Knowledge Proof, the proof will be used as input of trading contracts, futures contracts after the verification, trading the originators of the balance will be reduced, and the balance of the receiver will increase accordingly.

3. Cross-chain

The cross-chain API of Trias allows users to convert ETH and any ERC 20 token to the corresponding token in the Trias protocol, and then hide the identity and amount of the transaction account by using the Trias transaction function.This cross-chain solution will further allow users to guarantee the anonymity and confidentiality of payments on other blockchain networks, such as the Tron Network.

In a word

Data is the cash of the digital economy in the network era, and all the business models of the digital economy are based on the mining, processing and analysis of data. To protect the data privacy of users is to protect user assets in the digital economy era.

The vision of Trias is to become the infrastructure of the next generation of digital economy model with privacy protection as the core. Its application scenarios are not limited to the DeFi of privacy protection. With the arrival of the multi-chain era, Trias will also provide privacy services for the circulation of more cross-chain assets. As more and more projects in the blockchain explore cryptographic privacy layers, Trias will eventually offer more capabilities and services to crypto users.

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