Trendy Ways To Fill Up Your Free Time
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Trendy Ways To Fill Up Your Free Time

Picture this: it’s summer, you have a week off work,

Trendy Ways To Fill Up Your Free Time

you don’t have any appointments or meetings you need to attend during that week,

and you have no pending work that needs to be done urgently. You just have a week off! But, a new problem arises ‘what am I going to do in my free time?’

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a list of fun things you can do, not only on your week off, but things you can continue to do throughout the year when you’ve got a few free hours!

So, get your planner out because you have a lot of fun things you need to plan out!

1. Arts And Crafts

Now, don’t get discouraged by the title. Sure, arts and crafts are normally what children do in their free time. But, being creative and creating art has no age limit, so, whether you’re a teenager, a middle-aged parent, or a lone bachelor, I suggest you pick up a crayon and have some fun!

If you want a more challenging task, make clay sculptures. They don’t have to be anything too detailed and complex, and you also don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can buy beginner’s clay from the store and create some adorable sculptures.

Start off by making a snowman - stack two clay balls on top of each other and you’re already halfway done!

2. Try Your Luck At A Casino

Yes, I know, this took a bit of a turn, but gambling is another way you could fill up your free time!

If you don’t have enough time to go to a land-based casino, don’t sweat it, there are several online casinos you can choose from!

With online casinos, you are able to have a full casino experience from anywhere really. If you’ve got an hour’s lunch break at work, you can easily access the site and play any casino games you like without having to move from your desk!

Even if you’re stuck on the bus in traffic, just whip out your phone and try your luck. You never know how much you’ll be able to win!

Like I said, since you can access online casinos from anywhere, you will always have something to fill in those boring moments of the day!

3. Scrapbooking

Hear me out, scrapbooking is a great activity and it’s not just something that teenage girls do during sleepovers.

Scrapbooking can be a beautiful way of storing memories. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on making one. All you need is:

●A notebook

●Colored pens and markers

●Stickers for decoration

●Photos of the good times in your life

Oh, and glue!

Have fun with it, design it how you want, make it as colorful or as simple as you want. Let this be your own little project filled with photos of good times and wonderful people!

4. Volunteer

Find a cause you feel strongly about and spend your free time helping out the organization in any way you can.

For example, see if your local food bank needs more people to help with sorting and organizing the food. Or if there’s an animal shelter that needs volunteers to help care for the animals.

Not only will you be keeping busy, but you would be contributing to society and helping those who need it!

5. Become A Plant Parent

You don’t need a big garden to grow some plants. The best plant for beginners is the Peace Lily since it is so low maintenance. It has beautiful, broad green leaves and white flowers that everyone will stop to admire.

Not only does the peace lily fit in any room you choose to put it, it also filters the air! Place it in a brightly lit room and only water it when the leaves start to droop or soil becomes dry.

P.s: don’t be alarmed when the leaves start drooping, they’ll come back to life once you water them again!

6. Become An Expert

Pick a topic, any topic, and learn everything about it. It doesn’t have to be normal topics like global warming or world wars. Pick a topic that you have always been interested in and read every blog and article written about it.

Some of my personal favorites are:

●Victorian literature

●Unsolved murders

●How the pyramids were ‘actually’ built

You can use your newly acquired knowledge to impress your friends the next time you see them. I can guarantee they will be impressed once you start speaking about the Brontë sisters and their writings.

Final Words

You can never say you have nothing to do during your free time ever again! I hope this has inspired you to take on a new hobby, and if it hasn’t, you can always spend your free time watching a movie or sleeping!

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