2022 Top Trending Hair Extension For Womens Hair
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2022 Top Trending Hair Extension For Womens Hair

Hair Extension Boxe

Hair Packaging Boxes

Custom hair box packaging wholesale

Hair products are very famous in a market where different people with different needs are ordering different hair products including shampoo, hair colours, conditioners, hair extensions, etc. all these products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

No matter what hair products you are selling or planning to sell, you need the hair boxes wholesale to pack and present them to your target consumers. Further, these boxes are not only vital ingredients for presenting your hair items but crucial for safe delivery and branding, and promotion.

You can acquire these boxes in a variety of shapes, colours, designs, and different eco-friendly materials like Kraft paper or cardboard boxes. additional features like inserts with gold and silver foiling including debossing, embossing, UV prints are also available to enhance the look of hair box packaging.

Hair Boxes packaging for a variety of products

Numerous hair products are offered by numerous brands and companies that require elegant and attractive packaging boxes with exact dimensions multiple inserts and extra spaces to place the delicate products inside. Hair boxes are used in the industry for a variety of hair products like hair colours, hair extensions, shampoo or conditioner, etc.

All these products vary in size and dimensions as well as the design and shape. Retailers that are offering these products desire hair boxes with different specifications and dimensions for different products.

Do you want to bundle multiple products in the same packaging? You should consider cardboard Sleeve boxes with die-cut window options with different inserts to place different items within the same packaging and allow your customers to see inside through windows.

This is the ideal solution to economically present your variety of product range within single packaging and allow your customers to see all items clearly before buying them.

Appealing packaging with custom printed logo design:

You can achieve multiple objectives by the use of these custom printed hair box packaging wholesale. These boxes are not only a viable solution for packaging your hair items but you can display your branding logo by using the matching printing methods from Digital printing to lithographic printing.

If you want to fill the empty spaces with brand-related content, then you can get creative content ready to be printed aesthetically in empty spaces to not only fill them but guide your consumers about ingredients or usage guidelines.

The overall look is appealing using innovative artwork and designs with relevant images to help your consumers in selecting the right product for their specific needs.

Add-on and quoting options?

When customers raise the question about changes in your products from your competitors then you have very limited options to convince them appropriately. At this moment, different packaging with clear and distinct colours and textures is your only option to survive.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of packaging suppliers, they are ready with unlimited options of differentiation to instantly transform your ordinary-looking hair packaging into an extraordinary piece of marketing gimmick to attract and impress your target audience.

Besides the add-ons like debossing, embossing, UV printing, die-cut windows, silver/gold foiling now you are supported with additional features like gloss or matte finishing.

Shipping services with quick turnaround time:

Are you in a situation where you need packaging boxes for your hair products urgently to meet your large orders before the season start or you are anticipating large-scale sales volume on any event or occasion? Your previous supplier has ditched you at the last moment with meeting your order and you are concerned about losing valuable sales?

Well, you do not need to worry as icustomboxes is here to help you out with any quantity of order from minimum 100 sizes to ranges of 50000 plus you can place an order with us. With fast and reliable delivery services and our liaison with industry-leading logistics partners like DHL, FedEx, UPS our delivery services, we have established a strong logistics network and we can deliver orders within 8 days to meet your urgent needs.

Don’t wait and think further and place your orders immediately so that we can start working on your desired packaging immediately.

Why icustomboxes?

Consider yourself lucky enough that you are in an age of abundance with unlimited packaging options and suppliers available in the market. Yet on one side, it is a blessing while a headache on another side. With lots of options available it is tough to choose the right supplier.

You again need to thank icustomboxes that being available and serving many customers for the past several years with amazing services that include high-class packaging materials.

Besides the quality of material for packaging, we ensure innovative designs as per your desires and aspirations.

Our amazing discount offers and quick turnaround time is also quite productive in getting a large volume of orders from our old clients as well as from new ones also.

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