A Fashion Trend Forecast For Summer Of 2017

A Fashion Trend Forecast For Summer Of 2017

Test the waters with some new looks this summer.

With summer just around the corner, it's time we start taking a dig at new trends, seeing which best fits us and which ones need to stay put on the rack. With last year's summer vibe of jean skirts, lace-up gladiator sandals, halter body-wrap swim suits, lace up shirts, shift dresses, bodysuits, and your ever so basic crop top with jean shorts, this summer seems to have a bit of a twist on it as we reign in the transitional period of cold air to warmth with the months of March and April.

Instead of taking a look at the latest Vogue or Glamour magazine, I'm going to stick to a few of my own fashion predictions that I have for this new twist on summer of 2017.

Testing out the waters of new style trends is always a little scary, but with that fear comes the fun and confidence of rocking a new look. Here's what I'll be testing the waters with this summer and hopefully some of my predictions will make the trendy cut:

1. Rompers

Everyone loves a romper here and there as they sure haven't failed to make their appearance over the years. However, because their appearance tends to hide in the shadows away from the spotlight, my predictions are that this summer they'll be the new hot topic. Rompers are super comfy to wear and they always come in many different styles, colors, and designs. I love them not only because of their comfort, but because they're easy to slip on if you're on the go. Additionally, they look good with just about anything.

2. Striped Off-the-Shoulder Tops

The off-the-shoulder trend appeared in 2016, and for many years before, but with mostly solid color patterns and designs. I've been seeing a lot of these shirts lately with stripes being plastered on them, and I actually think it works. These stripes are making their way onto many different styles lately with looks in many different colors, but I think this off-the-shoulder top has got to be one of my faves. Easy to slip on and sport with a cute pair of blue or black jeans, these tops sure don't seem to disappoint. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of them this summer.

3. One-Piece Swimsuits

Yes, please. Put aside the bodysuits from last year's look and head into the stores to find this year's new spin on bodysuits— the one-piece swimsuit. Although Victoria Secret ended their swim line, PINK has some pretty cute suits out this year (as well as every other shop you can dream up of.) For a while, this style got dusty in the closet but it seems like this year they're coming out in full swing. You should embrace the one-piece swimsuit because it looks as though everyone else is too.

4. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

Because last summer was full of floral, swing, shift, and mock denim dresses, we are digging into something new. Like the off-the-shoulder top, this one seems to really work. These cute and trendy dresses would be great for a day look and even a night out. They are easy to rock with just about anything.

Cover Image Credit: Designers Outfits

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You Know Perfection Is Impossible, Right? So Stop Chasing It

We know it's unattainable, so why do we strive for it?

The strive for perfection is an exhausting and painful road. No matter how much we overcome, change and achieve, we never seem to be satisfied with ourselves because we believe we haven't reached that level of utmost supremacy.


Deep down we all have a basic comprehension that perfection is unattainable. We understand that everyone is unique and that perfection is a term coined by the beauty and fashion industry. Yet why do we continue to strive for it?

I believe it's because we all fear judgment and vulnerability. We live in the age of social media where everything is shared publicly online. We are living in the modern world of globalization where everyone can see anything and everything.

We get to see what other people have and compare it to what we don't have. We build up these scenarios such as "well she has a flat stomach, she's so perfect and happy" or "he looks like he has it all together, look at the brand name clothes he's wearing."

We use perfection as a way to appear as if we have it all. However, we also use it as a way to protect ourselves. We use the mirage of perfection as a mechanism to hide from ourselves. We clothe ourselves with the task of constantly reaching for "perfection" that we don't even get to sit back and try to understand why we want to achieve "perfection."

Why would we try to achieve perfection if we didn't already like ourselves? Why do we need to impress the people around us with our "perfection" rather than our genuine selves? Yes, society has built up this "standard" of what perfection is, but whatever happened to just saying, "Screw that"?

What happened to loving yourself regardless of what people think?

I think it's kind of ironic that we all try to strive for this sense of having it all together when literally none of us know what we're doing. Everyone is some sort of messed up. Everyone is imperfect. Yet, why are we so gullible to believe that perfection can be attained? If we live a life constantly striving for perfection we're always going to end up disappointed and comparing ourselves to someone else.

Perfection is a myth that will constantly lead you down a road of disappointment and agony. It is not attainable, even if you're a supermodel. The idea of the perfect life, job, salary, clothes, hair, weight, etc is not something we should strive for because even if we "obtain" this so-called perfection we're after, along the road we're going to find something else we want to perfect as well. it's a vicious and endless cycle, so why not be happy and enjoy your imperfect life as it is?

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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7 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

It is an important decision that impacts your life, but it should also be a fun process!

I am not a tattoo artist, but I do have six tattoos. These are the general things I have learned or find important to consider when you decide to get a tattoo. It is an important decision that impacts your life, but it should also be a fun process to which you add unique art to your body!

1. What is the tattoo?

This is an important basic. Typically, I would recommend knowing what you want before you go in. It saves time, and if you have a clear idea, the artist can better help you size and locate it. However, tattoo artists are good at helping you draw up an idea you have that is not fully thought out.

2. What does it mean to you?

Having a deep philosophical meaning is not necessary, but I find it better to be attached to tattoo in some way. Mine all relate to either personal goals I have, small reminders from my childhood, inspiration, or interests. The more attachment you have to the tattoo the more likely you will enjoy it for years after. Even if the meaning may be less relevant in the future it can be a good reminder of things you have overcome, or just general times in your life. It's sort of like a keepsake.

3. Where is it going to be located?

This is important. If the tattoo is on a place that may wrinkle or sag over time the tattoo may slightly deform. The location also dictates pain. If the tattoo gets near or on a bone, it will hurt more. A few of mine have gotten near my elbow or spine and that hurt more than the ones on muscle or fat. You also want to be aware of the visibility. If you need to cover it up, will you be able to? Or if you want it to show, will it be seen when you are dressed?

4. How much detail do you want?

Detail is a big factor in determining the size. A lot of times people want a small tattoo but also small lines or details. This includes things like cursive lettering, or detailing. It is important to remember that the lines will thicken a bit as the tattoo heals. If you want a small tattoo, you need to think about the detailing.

5. How will it look in fifty years?

No matter what, fading is inevitable but fixable. However, changes in the skin will deform some more than others. Also for females, the possibility of pregnancy may stretch tattoos on the abdomen or ribs. Being aware of how it may change is important, but do not let that stop you. They may look different, but hey, when you are that old, you look different too, so do not fret.

6. Will it impact your future?

While I say if you know you want it you should get it, it is still important to think ahead. If you also know you are on a career path with strict rules about tattoos or dress codes, it may be better to forego the tattoo or just relocate it. If you need it to be hidden easily, the back, the shoulder, the ribs, or the hip area are good options.

7. Tips!

Bring any photos you have for reference and look up the tattoo place. The artists might find you a style you like. There will generally be a deposit fee, but it should go towards that total cost. Know your pain tolerance, and look up body charts for less painful tattoo locations. While pain tolerance differs, it is not as painful as it seems I promise. Aftercare is no joke, so keep it clean and treat it properly. When they say no swimming for two to four weeks, they mean it. On that note do not get a tattoo before going on a sunny vacation or before summer if you know you are going to want to swim.

Cover Image Credit: Marissa Muraoka

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