5 Ways To Treat Yourself Even On A College Budget

5 Ways To Treat Yourself Even On A College Budget

Whether you're working part-time, surviving off a meal plan, or paying rent with the spare five dollars you found in your jeans, you should always find a way to treat yourself!

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College is EXPENSIVE. Between books, classes, school supplies, and online programs, everything seems to come at cost. Even if your parents are helping you out or you've been saved by financial aid, almost every college student can relate with the stereotype of being #broke. Treating yourself can sometimes seem like the last thing on your mind, but here's five ways to budget a little treat into your week.

1. The Expense Free Luxury

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Sometimes treating yourself can come at no cost at all. Take an extra long shower before bed, fluff up your pillows and play your favorite chill playlist. Maybe go crazy and even light that Bath and Body Works candle you got for Christmas. Spending a little extra "you time" before bed can be the perfect way to end your day, and a much needed luxury.

Pro Tip: Go the extra mile and switch to a bath. You can add essential oil to your water and feel like you're having a real spa experience.

2. The Cheap Way to Start Your Week Buzzing

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Coffee is the college student's water. Don't believe me? Just look at the line at every campus Starbucks. Yikes. And while a five dollar latte everyday can add up pretty fast, you don't have to avoid your favorite cafe all together. Start your Mondays with your favorite coffee as a special treat, or save it for your busiest day of classes. This can give you a little something to look forward to and really brighten up your week!

Pro Tip: Want to stretch your dollar even farther? Buy a bag off coffee from your favorite shop and make it at home, or bring your own reusable cup because most shops offer a discount.

3. The Inexpensive Hack to a Better Time in Class


A great way to treat yourself is by upping the quality of your writing tool. Now, this may seem silly for college students who spend so much time typing, but picture this. You're sitting in a lecture about to take pages of notes. Then, you pull out your beautiful hand picked fountain pen that glides across the paper and makes everything your write look smooth and bold. A nice pen or set of pencils you really like can make class work just a little more enjoyable.

Pro Tip: Most office supplies stores will let you test their different pens if you ask nicely.

4. Indulging Comes Cheaper for a Group 

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Fast food is delicious, inexpensive, and a perfect excuse to gather up the gang and get off campus for an hour. Whether it's splitting a pizza or a taco twelve pack, you can fill yourself up and leave with a smile on your face for only a couple dollars at most fast food joints. Especially if you get your friends to go in with you. So go live it up eating off the dollar menu, and cheers your cokes with your pinkies up!

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for special meal deals or coupons in the mail.

5. Keep Your Head Up (Splurge on a Haircut)


Your hair can contribute a lot to your confidence and your mood on campus. And while nobody might ever be able to replace Barbra from your salon back home, DO NOT SETTLE. Find a nice salon in your college town and splurge on yourself. Not only will you feel good by treating yourself on the day of, but everyday after when you wake up to style your hair.

Pro Tip: Many salons and barber shops offer student discounts with a college ID.

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