God knew that I needed someone to bring out my inner adventurer — someone who would help me take risks, travel the country and let my wanderer free.

He knew this, and He sent me the very best one.

He sent me a friend who could give me a buddy pass for flights. A friend who is a travel expert and has seen more of the world than I thought possible for someone who's not a celebrity. Someone who helps me step outside of my comfort zone.

To my travel buddy, thank you.

Thank you for taking me across the country. Thank you for waiting for me after my flights to make sure I'm not lost.

Thank you for exploring new places with me and for taking pictures of me that are totally Insta-worthy.

Thank you for making me laugh until I almost cry, especially when we're trying to sleep.

Thank you for sharing a bed with me, even when we're offered a futon.

You have shown me that there is more to life than just our little town. I never thought I'd be to go across the country again. I never thought I'd be able to get out of the country.

But you, my dear friend, have made it possible. I am so thankful you came in my life, looked at me and thought, "Let's travel the world together."

There is no one else I'd rather see new states, cities and countries with. There's no one else I would spend an entire day in the airport for. And there's absolutely not another person in this world who would vlog our entire trip like two goons with me.

God knew I needed a friend who would get me souvenirs, help me pick out the perfect souvenirs and buy sweatshirts from colleges all the way across the country.

You have made all of that possible.

I told these memories we've made on our endeavors so close to my heart.

I'm looking forward to the memories that we will make on our future adventures with great excitement.

You have a wanderer's soul, like me, and I'm so glad to have found a person with just as much adventure in them as me.

You have brought my adventurer to the surface and helped her find her voice. In doing so, you have helped bring out a newfound confidence in myself.

Thank you. I can't wait for all kinds of adventures with you, whether it be to the mall or a different state.

Let's go make some memories.


Your travel buddy #DaboisDaDuck