Five Ways to Travel Cheap!

We all know traveling can be expensive, especially when you're traveling across the states. We have gas prices, which are outrageous in midwestern states, plus food, tickets, and emergency expenses. We have to think about merchandise and water (because no one needs to be dehydrated at a concert). And we also have a lot of other aspects of traveling to think about.

Here are my five favorite techniques to travel for less. It will save you a ton! (See what I did there?)

1. Rent/take gas efficient cars.

Alexander Popov

Having a car that gets very good gas mileage and can save you money with each fill is very helpful. When you have a car that takes 40 MPG on a highway, you're going to save a lot more in gas costs than you would with any other vehicle, especially when you're taking highways to get to your next destination. Using apps to find the cheapest gas prices is incredibly helpful, too! Using apps like "Gas Buddy" and "Gas Guru" will point out the cheapest gas prices in your area. Having a fuel efficient car is the first step to having a cheaper trip.

Pro-Tip: Never leave your gas tank less than half, it will save you much more on each fill.

2. Stay in an Airbnb. 

Adrian Schwarz

Hotels can be really expensive, especially in major cities. Airbnb can be safer, cleaner, and cheaper to stay in, especially when you are in a large group. Airbnb's come in private rooms, private suites, and even private houses. All of which are accommodated by when and where you have to stay. Airbnb does not have an age minimum, so if you are traveling under 21 (like I am), you are not under a risk of being denied a place to stay.

Pro-Tip: Use my link for a credit when you sign up! (

3. Buy the least expensive tickets and upgrade at the venue.

James Barr

When going to concerts, it's really easy to try and buy a ticket in the front row no matter what the cost is. However, most venues will allow you to upgrade your ticket to a better seat for half the price. By upgrading your seat at the venue, you will most likely have seats closer to the front because they are trying to fill every spot. Continuously check websites like "Ticketmaster" and "StubHub," because most sellers will drop prices days before the show.

Pro tip: Set alerts for a specific show for updates on prices.

4. Eat value meals.


Like any college student, we are always trying to find the cheapest deals to eat out at a restaurant. However, that may not be feasible when you are traveling across the country. Have a safe meal at a fast food chain, such as "Wendy's," that do combination meals for under $5 that you can grab after a concert on your way to your next destination.

Pro-Tip: Wendy's "4 for $4" is the best value meal I've found so far to be cost-efficient while traveling!

5. Travel in groups.

Simon Maage

Best tip to remember is to travel with your friends. When you travel with friends, whether it be one or five, you are able to split every cost and make each part of traveling a lot less than it would be by yourself. Rotating costs between friends could include gas, food, water, and cost of the stay. Having a plan with your group to map out who is going to pay for what will take a lot of stress off driving when actually on the road.

Pro-Tip: Traveling with friends makes road trips feel a lot shorter and are more enjoyable than having to drive 12 hours on your own. Highly recommend!

Happy safe, fun and (cheap) traveling!

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