Europe has some of the most incredible vistas and historical sites in the world. Unlike the U.S., which has only been building history since 1776, you can find sites in Europe that date back over a thousand years.

Going to Europe is on many people's bucket list, but one thing holding you back might be money. Can you travel Europe without spending a fortune?

You bet you can! Here are some of the best tips for making it happen.

Getting From Place to Place

The first thing you might think of about traveling to Europe is how you'll get around when you're there. Certainly getting taxis will be very expensive, and there are many things marketing to tourists that are not worth the price.

Instead, look at the following inexpensive ways to travel:

Megabus is a great way to get around the UK, as well as a great way to get from London to Paris, Brussels, and other major cities

Busabout is a great way to hop on and off transportation wherever you'd like. There are stops throughout Europe, including Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Flexbus is an incredible way to get to different countries in Europe. Travel is comfortable, there's WiFi, and you can bring up to three bags.

Budget airlines are very common, which keeps fares low. They can save you both time and money!

A rail pass can help you travel long distances without breaking the budget

Where Will You Stay?

Once you've decided how to get around, the next step is to determine where you'll stay! If you avoid the tourist hotels, you can find a lot of affordable options.

Hostels can be amazing if you aren't exactly sure of your itinerary and are eager meet other travelers. They often have communal kitchens and you can either grab a bed in a dorm or a basic private room. Be sure to check reviews before you check in, so you stay safe.

Homestays or Airbnb can be an excellent way to get a room without spending a fortune. You'll probably be staying with other folks, so be prepared to make friends. There are also bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals that include castles, and much more.

If you really want to have an incredible experience, try sleeping under the stars. You probably think of camping here in the U.S., but you can do it in Europe as well! Discover more about camping in France and other areas before you make your trip.

Having Fun on the Cheap

There are many ways to take in Europe's attractions without breaking the bank. One way is to avoid major tourist areas and look for out-of-the-way, quaint areas to enjoy.

You can also visit common attractions that are free. In Rome, many famous attractions like the Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain don't cost a dime. In Porto, Portugal, you can visit museums for free on Sundays.

Berlin is full of monuments, famous street art, beautiful parks, and attractions you can visit for absolutely nothing. You can also get discounts on museum entrance fees if you have a student ID. Prague is full of ornate Gothic and Baroque architecture, fascinating museums, and the largest castle complex in the world.

No matter where you decide to visit, a little bit of research and patience can give you plenty of fun inexpensively!

Ready to Go?

It's time to take Europe off your bucket list and make a plan to actually go. Yes, you'll need to set aside some money, but not nearly as much as you expected.

Where do you want to go in Europe? Share in the comments!