vacation spots for every major

Where You Should Travel Based On Your Major

You deserve a vacation suited for your brain!


This list is in alphabetical order, by major. Try to find your specialization!

1. Aerospace Engineering: The Moon

Okay, this seems utterly nutty, but it is possible. Starting in 2018 (that's right, this year!), SpaceX is offering up quaint little trips to our little reflective night-buddy. Tickets have already been sold to the first two tourists, who will explore a destination that is truly out of this world. Outer space is rad to everyone, but is perhaps just a little cooler to those who have dedicated their lives to studying the galaxy and staring at the stars in a mathematical way. Best part? This vacation will only cost you $150 million. Pocket change or ROCKET change? Ugh, that was bad - I deeply APOLLO-gize. Okay, I'm done.

2. Architecture: Vienna, Austria

​Any future-architect out there deserves to feel like royalty! Now is the time surround yourself with feats of human design and send yourself back to medieval ages with sky-scraping towers and moats straight out of a storybook. And there's no better place than Austria for this unforgettable vacation.

3. Art: Florence, Italy

My sweet summer artists out there, you were meant to express yourself - who better to learn from than legendary Italian artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, or Donatello?! And those were just the Ninja Turtles! There are more (like Caravaggio and Giotto). There must be something in the pasta over there to inspire so much creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Go and paint with the greats.

4. Biology: Port Douglas, Australia

G'day mate! Biology majors should adore being among the vibrant life in the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

5. Business: Singapore

Despite its tiny geographic size, Singapore is one of the leading economic and cultural influences of Asia. It conducts respectful business dealings and renews itself in industry every second. Business majors will be enlivened by the buzz of a growing and thriving atmosphere. This place has nonstop city lights shining almost as bright as your future!

6. Civil Engineering: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the epic success story of the Middle East. They essentially pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and built a major cosmopolitan center in the last thirty years, and every civil engineer will be floored by the math behind its skyline. The U.A.E. has the world's tallest building: the Burj Khalifa, in which you can zoom up 160 stories! Tell everyone "Du-BAI" and have yourself some much needed futuristic fun! (I'm sorry for that pun).

7. Communication or Journalism: New York City, New York

Communication and journalism majors itch for a big city fix to match their high energy, (I would know). Home to the most revered newspaper and magazine publications, New York has been waiting for you. Take a bite out of the big apple and experience the greatest city in the world for all of its quirks on this vacation!

8. Computer Science: San Francisco, California

Not only does San Fran have the culture, the food, and the nightlife you would expect from a beautiful California town, it also is home to the most tech companies per capita. Surround yourself with robots, coding, and lots of signature pizza and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Why not work for an exciting start up on this trip!

9. Education: Seoul, South Korea

South Korea oozes wonder and deluxe experiences. As the U.S. is currently realizing, South Korea does a lot of things right: food, music, and! Future-teachers can see a new and incredible culture and learn from a different classroom approach of this country that yields a whooping 93% of on-time high school graduation rate.

10. English: Oxford, England

Anglophiles know that all the true classics of English literature were birthed in the Motherland. From William Shakespeare to Charles Dickens to Jane Austen to C.S. Lewis, British writers have inspired Western culture and, thus, inspired you to write! If you're enthralled by books, Oxford is the perfect place to vacation and brush up on your reading and writing skills.

11. Fashion Design: Paris, France

The most romantic city. You know, the one refines taste and starts trends. Paris will make you fall in LOURVE. Strut on by for Paris Fashion Week and have the classiest vacation of your life.

12. Film Studies: Mumbai, India

Hollywood's younger and more delightful sister, so-called "Bollywood", is the perfect place to travel for future directors and actors. A rich and colorful society, good grub, and a movie-industry (that we can all dance to) equal a heavenly recipe for a trip of a lifetime!

13. Geology: Maui, Hawaii

I don't really have to convince you to go to Hawaii, do I? It has views and volcanic activity that make for all the igneous fun that you can handle - which totally ROCKS.

14. Healthcare: Vancouver, Canada

Free medical care and poutine. Enough said.

15. History: Giza, Egypt

History majors should come here and transport themselves back to approximately 3150 BC, when ancient Egypt was created and civilization was transformed forever!

16. Marketing: Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida

Let's be honest, we are all controlled by the Big Mouse. I live for the Disney culture. Walt Disney was a marketing genius and this place is a testament to his strategy. However, this does not dull the shine of the Happiest Place On Earth! Like in advertisements, here, they think of everything, from pumping out vanilla scents into the air to all the Mickey-shaped foods. Disney makes you feel a sweet nostalgia all vacation long.

17. Photography and Graphic Design: Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Someone with an eye for aesthetic and a good camera must pay Iceland a visit during aurora borealis (or, the northern lights)! During this, photography and graphic design majors are able to capture the gorgeousness of the night; they can simply reach up and touch the very heavens that give them a personal color show.

18. Political Science: Washington D.C.

Future-presidents! Do not wait, this vacation will educate and it is totally first-rate. Museums and democracy galore!

19. Psychology: Berlin, Germany

Germany is totally neat by itself, but it is a bonus that this country is known as the founding place of modern psychology. Pioneers like Wilhelm Wundt, Sigmund Freud, and Kurt Lewin practiced here! So, come on down to good ol' Deutschland!

20. Sports Management: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In this vibrant country, football rules and "Christ the Redeemer" reigns.

21. Theology: Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world for three of the biggest religions in the world (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity). Those interested in the study of God must come to the home of the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and for funsies, float in the Dead Sea.

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