When You Live By These 5 Tips, You Can Afford To Travel In Your 20s

Your 20s should be a time to explore and be adventurous! This is a time when you are still discovering yourself and what you hope to find and be in life. That makes your 20s a perfect time to travel the world, learn about new cultures, and hopefully become the person you want to be! Your 20s are also a time when you are likely more free to take such a trip before obligations like your career and family take precedence. But most 20 something-year-olds can't afford such a trip because traveling is expensive! However, there are some ways to avoid these costs!

1. Get travel-wise Credit Cards.

There are a lot of credit cards that offer travel rewards for charging. The most beneficial that I have seen is American Airline's travel rewards card and Southwest Airline's rewards card. Both offer frequent deals where you can earn up to 60,000 bonus miles after spending a certain amount over a few month's time. 60,000 bonus miles is enough for two free roundtrip flights within the U.S. Obviously these credit card deals are only good if you are a responsible spender who pays their credit card bills on time. But they can be a wonderful way to book free travel if you take advantage of their special offers!

2. Use the Hopper app.

The Hopper app helps its users track when it is cheapest to book travel plans. If you know of a place you hope to travel and have dates that you hope to go, you can input the information into Hopper and they will send you updates when it is cheapest to purchase your tickets. They also have options just to track flight deals to various places in case you are still uncertain where you hope to go.

3. Consider where you are traveling.

Some places are cheaper to travel to than others. Europe is generally rather expensive, so if you would like to travel internationally, but prefer to save some money, Asia can be a really awesome alternative. The flights to and from Asia may be rather pricey, but once you are there the currency exchange rate is highly in American's favor. Hotels can be found for $40 a night and flights within Asia can be as cheap as $30 between certain countries.

4. Look at where you are staying.

Do you have any friends or family in another country? Perhaps they would be willing to let you stay with them while you travel? It is also much cheaper to book stays in student hostels, which can really be rather nice in other countries. Airbnb is another great alternative. These options are also much better than hotels because they give you the opportunity to really experience the culture of the place you are traveling to; something that is often missed when you are only surrounded by other tourists at a hotel.

5. Prioritize.

Traveling is expensive. There's just no way around certain costs. However, the way you prioritize other costs in your life can save you money that can then be spent on travel. Do you really need that Starbucks drink everyday? Perhaps invest in a coffeemaker and save some cash that way. Before buying that expensive dress that you'll only wear once, save your money to spend on a cruise down the Seine. Cut down on going to the movies. Redbox it instead with some friends. Every small way you save can be just a little more that can be put aside to travel someplace new!

Traveling in your 20s is something that IS possible! So plan your next great adventure wisely by saving and cutting corners where you can to make your next trip the best one yet!

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