Winter sucks. I mean, for a little bit, it's beautiful with the snow, but then, it just sucks. Winter makes it cloudy nearly every day and sometimes even painful just to go outside. Getting out of bed is so much harder in the winter, and seasonal depression is real. But when the transition to 50-degree weather starts to happen, you realize how thankful you are that winter is over.

1. Your closet space increases by 70% by putting away sweaters


Only light sweaters/jackets are necessary now.

2. You can walk outside without getting windburn


And it's not all that bad to walk instead of taking the bus.

3. Sitting outside becomes possible again


In winter, this is actually the worst and most miserable idea.

4. Spring break


What's better than a break from work/school, plus the weather starts to get warmer.

5. You start turn from invisibly pale to at least a darker shade of pale


This might not be relatable for everyone, but us pale people appreciate some sun.

6. You can wear Birkenstocks again


Also might not be relatable for everyone, but very relatable for me.

Happy spring (almost) and happy first week of March!