A Transgender Man Has Joined A Campaign To Battle Period Shaming

A Transgender Man Has Joined A Campaign To Battle Period Shaming

Gender is not determined by anatomy.

Periods are a topic that makes many people uncomfortable because it is seen as something taboo and disgusting that we should pretend does not exist. When someone is on their period, they are expected to hide their products as they go to the bathroom out of courtesy to the people around them. However, this stigma may be reduced thanks to Pink Parcels, a UK-based tampon subscription box service.

Pink Parcels has created the “I’m On” campaign, which is meant to encourage conversation about periods and eliminate the shame surrounding this natural part of life. “I’m On” has gone viral because of Kenny Jones, the first transgender male model fronting a period campaign. This is monumental because it brings attention to the fact that periods are not exclusively experienced by women.

The campaign features Jones with women such as British fashion designer Olivia Rubin and activist Natalie Lee. They are all seen advertising shirts with slogans like “I’m On. Period.” and “I’m on and I’m strong.” Seven dollars from each purchase will be donated to the Bloody Good Period organization, which aids in supplying menstrual products to refugees and others in need of them.

Jones speaking about his experience with his period through the “I’m On” campaign provides the transgender community with the representation that they need. He explained that he had a difficult relationship with his period because even though it would make him feel annoyed, it also gave him a greater understanding of what he wanted. He also went on to say,

“I didn’t want my period and there was a lot of confusion within myself. It did make me realize that periods weren’t something I wanted to happen to me and it motivated and pushed me to further my transition.”

The only way that periods can be normalized is by having conversations about how it affects different people and this was what inspired Jones to become a part of the “I’m On” campaign. He said that he used to never feel comfortable talking about his period because of how our society is against openly speaking about them. Being on your period is seen as a sign of weakness, and is often used as an insult towards someone when they are acting irrational, despite the fact that it is just a normal biological process. Jones stated that

“Assuming periods are inhibiting to people tends to perpetuate period shame even more, and makes people even more reluctant to talk about them.”

Even though Jones no longer bleeds, his perspective on having a period is valuable and should be welcomed. Many people believe that only women are capable of menstruating and that even if it is a transgender man menstruating, he is still a woman because of it. This could not be farther from the truth because a person’s gender is not decided based off of their physical parts, but rather their internal identity.

Jones believes that transgender men “should feel more comfortable discussing periods with one another,” and I believe that his decision to be a part of the “I’m On” campaign will inspire many transgender men to open up about their own menstruation stories.

Cover Image Credit: Pink Parcel

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I'm Proud That Transgenders Are Being Protected  In The South

Transgenders are human also!


Having Gender Dysphoria isn't something that we take lightly and it can be a scary thing to deal with. The Transgender Community doesn't need hate on top of the treatments that they are doing through their doctor. The treatments that a Transgender person take will last for the rest of their lives if they continue the transition. I'm so thankful that Tennessee became the first state to implement protections for Transgender people. This is a win for the stereotypes surrounding southern people as well. This shows that southern people can be progressive.

Being Transgender isn't an easy journey for a lot of the community. They have to go through treatments for the rest of their lives and that can be a pain. My Husband, who is transgender, is one of the strongest MEN I know. The fact that Tennesse implemented protections for his community is amazing and inspires us to leave Florida for traveling purposes. This would be the beginning of dissuading people from attacking people because they are who they are. With these protections in place, the next step to continue to educate those who are ignorant. It truly puts a damper on things when they get attacked on top of doing their treatments.

Tennessee doesn't have an exclusive "hate crime" charge but there are factors when sentencing individuals who've committed crimes based on race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry. They added gender to the list just recently in order to extend protection to those of the transgender community as well as the cisgender community. This is a big win for the community because it adds protects and inspires tolerance. The fact that we keep attacking those based off of physical attributes shows that we are still backward in thinking.

I'm sure the majority of us have an idea of stereotypes surrounding southerners and the south. Most people think we homey, traditionalist and backward folk that drinks sweet tea and eats BBQ every day. Growing up in Florida with my family, I had the best of both worlds. I had a forward-thinking mindset but traditional southern values. The fact that Tennessee being progressive with their protections of the Transgender Community brings the south more into progressive thinking. Mind you, Tennessee has been progressive for a while now but this puts the icing on the cake.

The fact that the south is becoming not the homey traditionalist region that it used to be is a cause for celebration. There are transgenders in every part of this country and we should protect them. They are human and deserve to be 100% themselves. Tennessee doesn't have an exclusive "hate crime" charge but there are factors when sentencing individuals who've committed crimes based on race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry. It inspires my husband and me to continue to travel in places that he wouldn't be generally accepted and it's a blessing. Traveling to Tennessee is now on my husband and I's bucket list.

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