We Will Always Need Training Wheels

Everyone remembers the time when they finally learned how to ride a bike without the help of those two embarrassing, crooked, squeaky training wheels attached to the side it. You can finally go run and brag to all of your peers at school that you do not need those stupid wheels anymore.

These plastic, uneven wheels keep us balanced, they keep us from falling.

We place so much trust on them, trusting them to protect our young lives. When they finally can be taken off, we are so proud of ourselves, yet still have the fear that we could fall. We know that there is a chance that we could get scraped, or that we could get bruised.

Although we all know how to ride a bike on our own by now, we will always need training wheels in our lives. We will need something or someone that stands by us to keep us from falling, or to help us up when we do. Something or someone to give us the feeling of safety. Something or someone to depend on to always be there. Someone we trust with our lives.

It is hard to gain the ability to trust someone as much as we once trusted our training wheels. As humans, we keep so many thoughts and feelings bottled up inside us, which makes it that much more difficult to one day let our guard down. But, also as humans, we need these people in our lives.

This person could be your parent, your best friend, a sibling, a significant other, a role model. Whoever it may be, choose them wisely. Make sure they will actually be there for you, and make sure to be there for them always. This person is a huge part of your life, so do not take them for granted for even one second.

Do you have someone in your life that you could trust as much as you trusted your training wheels?

If not, I encourage you to find that person, and take so much pride in them. You are beyond lucky to have them. Don't ever let them go.

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