Tragedy: The Need For Revival
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Tragedy: The Need For Revival

Tragedy: The Need For Revival
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Over the past few days, tragedy has been all over the news. The most notable tragedy was the mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando. A man by the name of Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS and entered the bar, killing nearly 50 people while injuring around the same number. Instantly, fingers were pointed in every which direction.

What frustrated me the most was the argument about guns and Islam. People were saying that this is all because of the easy access to firearms or that Islam was the cause and this is just another reason why we should not allow refugees into the country. While I do believe there is some truth to both of these statements, I refuse to stand by and watch gun rights disappear and a rather peaceful religion, that many do not completely understand, get blamed for it. I remember sitting in a Sunday school class in seventh grade and having the teacher tell us that we need to kill all Muslims because they are responsible for terrorism. Yeah, this guy was kind of a wacko, but he genuinely believed they were the cause of all terrorism — did many others in my church. No person's religion or one weapon is responsible for all of this pain and suffering. All we are doing when playing this blame game is causing division amongst ourselves and are hurting the cause of Christ more than helping it.

We need to re-examine and remember that the real issue here is sin. Sin that is being used by the devil to divide, conquer and destroy. As much as my sinful nature wants to play that Adam and Eve game of blaming everyone and everything under the sun, I and everyone else knows deep down inside what the real issue is even if they do not want to admit it.

Our plan of action should be prayer. Prayer for the families and those injured. The Bible has taught us to love everyone despite their sin. Hate the sin, not the sinner. This is seen through God's merciful and loving character.

One event that recently caught my eye is called "Together 2016." This is a national free revival type event that I encourage anyone who can to participate in. Their goal is to fill the National Mall in Washington D.C. with believers. National revival is what we need especially as we face dark times such as these, and it is time we stop talking about a revival and pursue it! Anyway, that is my two cents worth on this tragic event. Thank you for reading.

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