Toy Story Characters As Days of the Week

'Toy Story 4' just hit theaters, and whether you're a big fan of the 'Toy Story' series or not, there is something we can ALL agree on... the characters are pretty darn relatable.

Here are the days of the week represented by 'Toy Story' characters:

1. Monday

Sorry Monday, but just like Forky classifies himself.... You are trash.

2. Tuesday


When you feel like you've had a long week but then you realize it's only Tuesday.

3. Wednesday


Because everyone LOVES hump day!

4. Thursday


Thursday comes and you try to hold yourself together for one more day because tomorrow is finally Friday.

5. Friday


When Friday comes you feel like you are ready to take on the world.

6. Saturday


Saturday is all about partying and living your best life.

7. Sunday

And Sunday, you are very annoying.

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