Have you ever had a toxic friend that just wouldn't stop being rude to you but also wouldn't let you go? Unfortunately, I have had plenty in my lifetime. Through the course of friendship with them, I have observed certain undeniable characteristics that have remained constant even though the friends themselves have changed. If you see yourself smiling and nodding along with a certain someone in mind, I think it's time to make like Elsa, and LET IT GO!

1. Denial

No, of course I don't talk about you behind your back! How could you even say that?

2. Repression

You can't give me a ride because you have to work Tuesday? I totally forgot about that. Guess you'll just have to give me one anyway, haha.

3. Regression

*screaming* I want to go to the mall now, and if you don't go with me, I will hate you forever.

4. Displacement

*breaks up with boyfriend*

You're such a terrible friend. You're never there for me, you don't even want to hang out, and it's like you don't care about me at all!

5. Projection

I'm not bad at math; you're bad at math.

6. Reaction formation

*thinks you look amazing when you wear something new*

Oh my god, Regina, you look so ugly in that dress. It's like, ratchet.

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7. Rationalization

I'm not mean to you because I'm a bad person. You're so stupid I can't help it.

8. Passive- Agressive Behavior

*doesn't ask you to hang out but asks everyone else in your friend group*

Oh, I wonder how that happened.

9. Keeping Score

You didn't help me with my psychology project, so I won't tell you what we did in school today.