As we grow older into adulthood, we realize that we may not have learned everything we should have. There are important topics that are left out of the school's curriculum while we are learning how to do complex math problems and learn the chemical makeup of random substances. I'm not quite sure how those topics will help me advance in life when I'm struggling to figure out how to do basic day-to-day activities. Here are a few topics that I believe I should have learned while in school.

1. What are taxes and how do I pay them.

I feel like this is a big one that gets people confused. They grow up and get jobs and then realize that taxes play two roles in their paycheck. They not only have those taxes taken out of their initial salary. But, you also need to file your taxes at the end of the year / beginning of the following year. I think this would have been a good thing to learn before it's too late.

2. How to make a proper meal.

Many people do not know how to make a proper meal. I feel more so with the current generation, because we are more accustomed to ordering food rather than making it ourselves. Whether it's one meal or many, it's always good to know how to cook for yourself and a guest.

3. How to fix a flat tire.

This one may be something you already know how to do if you've had a flat tire, but it's nice to know before that has to happen. Rather than having to call your parents or a car company to come help, it's nice to know when to raise your car and when to unscrew the bolts.

4. How to buy a house and figure out my budget.

As we get older we start to want to get a place of our own. This can happen after college or sometime in between there. However, many people don't know about contacting an agent or the percentage off the sale price that has to go to everyone involved in creating the deal and contracts. Also, it's very difficult to figure out your budget if you're planning on taking out a mortgage.

5. Proper ways to work out in the gym.

Rather than everyone playing volleyball or some game that your school made up, why aren't we taught how to work out and how different exercises affect certain muscles in our body? This could come in handy and we could actually learn about physical education.

There are many things that we should have and could have learned in high school or the years up to it, but at least we have the resources to learn them now. Perhaps learning them ourselves with make sure they stick with us forever.