2018: The year of trends.

A Complete List Of The 30 Biggest Trends Of 2018

We're only half way through the year and there are hundreds of trends.

A Complete List Of The 30 Biggest Trends Of 2018

No, I won't make you scroll through literal hundreds of items. Here are 30 of them.

1. The Royal Wedding


Can you guess how many weddings will feature a sleek, off-the-shoulder, elbow-length, A-line wedding gown? ALL OF THEM. Possibly even mine. Let's be honest... that dress was gorgeous. And for those few short hours, the entire world stood together and cried tears of joy. Of course the royal wedding is a huge 2018 trend!

2. Girl power


Woohoo! Ahem... Women of power are emerging from everywhere. We're taking the world by storm. We're running major businesses. We're hosting TV shows. We're advocating for world peace. Women have the ability to think with a balance of logic and emotion. We strive to find the best solution that will benefit everyone. No wonder girl power is trending. Honestly, I hope it grows into more than a trend!

3. Prepared & delivered meals


Hello Fresh. Home Chef. Fresh Direct. Blue Apron. Sun Basket. Plated. Green Chef. Purple Carrot. Green Blender. Peach Dish. Chef'd. The list goes on! Nearly all of them offer a great discount when you sign up for them. These services are great for the busy lifestyles of 2018. We have work and family and friends and ourselves to take care of every day. There's hardly any time to cook a full-blown meal 3 times a day. Having just the right ingredients waiting for you when you get home is great. Just follow the directions and serve! And if you're not the best at cooking, it'll be an awesome chance to hone your skills. Don't burn that water!

4. "Ugly" produce


Speaking of food... No one likes the word "ugly" these days, but people tend to shy away from imperfect produce. A couple dings and scratches on a tomato and no one will ever buy the poor little vegetable/fruit/enigma. Grocery stores are now selling imperfect produce for a discounted price. There's nothing wrong with the food, it just doesn't look perfect. With this trend, no food gets left behind!

5. Snackified eating


Food that saves time is a big selling point for a lot of people. Meals are more like quick snacks these days. Almost half of all people can't get through a day without eating a snack. People chug protein shakes at work between meetings. Pre-packaged combinations of nuts, chocolate, and seeds make a great snack on the run. Fruit smoothies with vegetables blended in give people their daily veggie requirement without choking down celery all the time. Snackified eating is just easier.

6. Plant-based alternatives to food


Almond milk instead of cows milk. Mushroom and bean burgers instead of beef burgers. Chickpea mayonnaise. We are very conscious of the effects of animal products on our bodies. We seem to like the ways plants treat our bodies instead.

7. Online purchases


Why drive to the store yourself? This year you can order anything online and get it delivered. Not just clothing, electronics, or home goods. Now you can get groceries delivered. If you're daring, you can order groceries online and pick them up without ever getting out of your car. Pretty soon, you'll be able to order your prescriptions from CVS and they'll deliver them to your house within 2 days. What can't you get delivered these days?

8. Virtual reality


We can redesign our houses with furniture and decor before we buy anything. We can try on clothes before we buy it. Virtual reality is transforming our reality!

9. Ripped jeans


Because we're perfectly okay with spending $60 on a pair of jeans full of holes...

10. Instagram stories


They're so popular that Facebook is trying to do the same!

11. Costume jewelry


The gaudier, the better.

12. Advocacy


We aren't afraid to stand up for our beliefs!

13. Smart devices


We may not all have jet packs yet but at least we have Bluetooth and wifi connected EVERYTHING. Taps of the fingers can tell us any information we want or buy us anything we want.

14. Mental health care


In a world where people are bombarded by technology and busy schedules and pressure to succeed and adequate social lives, taking time for mental health is more important than ever. We can become overwhelmed incredibly fast. Every day we need quiet moments to regroup after a hectic day.

15. Vine references


They're back! We may not be making new Vines as much as we were a few years ago but now we're recreating the good old ones!

16. Ephemeral content


Video clips that post for 24 hours or less...like Snapchat and features on Instagram. People love that they can post several times every day without spamming their followers with content.

17. Live videos


We like feeling like news broadcasters on TV. Our lives are important and we can easily showcase our lives through live videos on Facebook and Instagram.

18. Revamped online privacy


Ever since Facebook's privacy scandal, I've been receiving emails about new privacy policies. Companies everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon of protecting their customers. It's about time!

19. Leisure society


We already have robots working for us in our homes. Alexa and Google Home tell us the weather, play music, and order things from Amazon for us. It won't be long until robots work and earn income for us while we relax and enjoy our short time on this earth.

20. Roads in the air


Amazon now delivers packages via drone. Drones obviously don't travel on the road with cars. They have their own "roads" in the air. Now...where's my jet pack?

21. Millennial pink


It's sweet. It's light. It's relaxed and adorable.

22. Burnt yellow


It's a gorgeous color. Bright and summery but not so bright you're blinding people. Strut your stuff and feel as fierce as Beyonce!

23. Crop tops


You know, when it's 9,000 degrees outside in the summer, a crop top feels pretty good. And since we're all about body positivity, who cares if you have a little extra fluff around your belly. Rock that crop top!

24. Mom jeans


Not really a fan, to be honest. But there's something about that "mom butt" that's making a comeback.

25. Velvet


We're all about our velvet tops, velvet dresses, and velvet shoes. Especially us ladies. They're classy, glamorous, and kinda make us feel like royalty!

26. Overalls


Okay these are pretty great. Super comfy pants without worrying about your plumber crack hanging out. Yikes. Praise the overalls!

27. Bell Sleeves


Ding dong! They're back! Bell sleeves give your outfit an artsy flare with a retro feel.

28. Retro

People are kicking it back to the 70s and 80s in music, movies, and fashion. Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, Dazed and Confused, and Almost Famous are all kick-ass things we should never forget

29. College


​Skilled trades are declining in numbers because more people are deciding to go to college instead of going straight for the workforce. On the bright side, those with skilled jobs are more in demand and making more money. Also, those going to college are becoming smarter and more valuable, too. On the down side, skilled labor companies are going out of business due to lack of employees. Hopefully it all balances out over time.

30. Everything organic


Whether it's food, makeup, hair care products, or cleaning supplies, we are all about organic and natural. Forget those chemicals - they're slowly killing us. Let's wash our hair with floral extracts and clean our bathrooms with plant-based cleaners. We are using what this earth has given us and we are all becoming healthier because of it!

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