Top Ten Traits Of An Aries

There’s a lot of different calendars out there in the world and I’m not talking about the ones from that calendar pop up shop that appears at the end/beginning of every year. For one, there’s the Chinese calendar, some religions have their own calendar, and by far one of the most popular calendars is the Zodiac.

As of March 21, the Zodiac has officially entered the sign of the Rams and Aries, and will remain in Aries until April 20 from which it will then enter Taurus. For those of you who are unaware, there are 12 Zodiac signs each with their own designated set of traits, elements, star signs, planets, numbers etc.

If you yourself are an Aries or you know someone who is, the following traits, either positive or negative, may come as no surprise. If you know nothing about Aries, be prepared for what lies ahead, with Mars as their ruling planet and scarlet and red as their colors, Aries’ vibrancy for life tends to them letting their hearts rule their heads.

Without further ado Aries are:

1. Courageous

2. Incisive

3. Daring

4. Spontaneous


5. Adventure-orientated

But they also tend to be:

1. Impatient

2. Vain

3. Proud

4. Ruthless


5. Foolhardy

So no matter your own personal sign, take a chance on an Aries be it in friendship, as an employee or as a date. They’re fire attitudes are full of passion and if you ever find yourself in proximity of an Aries, fear not Aries will lead the way.
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