The Top 10 Chocolate Brands You Should Be Enjoying On Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is (unfortunately) swiftly approaching, and you're forced to buy at least something for someone, whether it be a significant other or your best friend. As a personal connoisseur of chocolate myself, I have strong opinions about the best types to buy, whether you're buying it for a romantic night out on the 14th or the 15th when all the candy goes on sale.

10. Kit-Kat

The snapping sound you hear when you break off the first piece of the Kit-Kat is one that cannot be compared to anything else.

9. Milky Way

As a big fan of caramel, I highly advocate the gooey goodness that is a Milky Way.

8. Ghiradelli

Although it is one of the fancier candies on this list, you know it's one of the best ones. It even comes in a bag so you can sit and eat your feelings all night!

7. Cadbury Buttons

Cadbury is an Irish brand of chocolate, so obviously, their chocolate is better!

6. Ferrero Rocher

Another of the fancier chocolates, this is a brand you would never actually buy yourself, but finding it in the house meant you were in for a good treat.

5. Crunch

I personally have always loved Crunch bars and the crunchy parts inside it.

4. Reese's Cups

One of mine and my mother's personal favorites, you can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter.

3. Three Musketeers

All-time best American candy, who can go wrong with a nougat?

2. Cadbury Chocolate (Any flavour)

Coming back to Irish candy, Cadbury far surpasses any other chocolate America could even dream of putting out.

1. Flake's

As the name implies, Flake's are chocolate flakes bundled up together into one. Giant. Flake. This chocolate may fall apart in your hands, but the taste is so worth it.

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