Top 10 motivational speakers of Pakistan in 2020
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Top 10 motivational speakers of Pakistan in 2020

A motivational speaker is someone who delivers speeches to inspire his audience.

Top motivational speakers of Pakistan

Everyone in their life has to face difficulties, some go ahead, and some give up. Those who give up quickly are weak people. This kind of person needs support and counseling to come back to life. The question is that what type of support they need? Is that financial support or legal support? No, they do not require such kind of help.

They need moral or emotional support. And this is done by motivating them. Motivation is a force that activates our behavior towards the point, which confuses us. The next question is how to encourage others? And this is done by motivational speakers.

A motivational speaker is someone who delivers speeches to inspire his audience. A motivational speaker gives many other opportunities to focus on instead of focusing on a single point. Usually, they relate their own success stories to encourage their audience.

They help the audience to eliminate their negativity and to forget their unfulfilled dreams. A best motivational speaker encourages his audience to do what they want to do without the fear of failure. Because when we have a fear of failure, we cannot do anything.

And it is the most significant achievement of a speaker if he succeeds in eliminating this fear even from a single individual. When we talk about motivational speakers, we should know who the motivating person in our life is. It is not necessary that we always have a professional motivational speaker. Sometimes our nearest ones are the motivating person of our life.

Some Famous Motivational Around the World

There are many professional motivational speakers around the World. But who is on the top of this list in 2020? Some motivational speakers around the World are; Tony Robbins is the #1 motivational speaker of the World. For more than 40 years, he provides his services, which mostly focused on personal development and management.

After Tony Robbins, the second name for best motivational speaker is Brian Tracy, one of the best motivational speakers around the World. He addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the World.

Another one is Les Brown, who is an American motivational speaker who is accomplished to speak in front of as large as 80,000 people. His words motivate the audience to take action. And then Eric Thomas, who is an American motivational speaker, works to satisfy the professional and personal lives of his audience.

Top 10 Pakistani Motivational Speakers of Pakistan

1. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is the well-renowned and #1 inspirational speaker and success coach of Pakistani youth. He works on his motto, "Pakistan will transform if thought transforms." His lectures are relevant to the journey of his success.

2. Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of one of the top Canadian marketing companies. He has the best approach towards youth development. He is also accomplished as the speaker at TEDx UET – Pakistan and also the keynote speaker and host at Pakistan's largest entrepreneurship conference (LIFT Pakistan 2018 & 2019).

Fahad Khan is one of those people working to inspire their youth to become responsible citizens by his motivational speaking in Pakistan. To inspire his audience, he uses his words so that they can find their meaning in life and strive to achieve that goal. His words are an expression of his hard work and accomplishment. In his interviews, Fahad khan gives fresh and revolutionary ideas so that his audience shifts their attitude.

3. Hammad Safi

Hammad Safi is the World's youngest motivational speaker from Pakistan, only 11 years old. He is not only an inspirational speaker but also a writer, anchor, and blogger. Hammad Safi is the best inspiration for the youth.

4. Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is a multitalented Pakistani lady and one of the top motivational speakers of Pakistan. She is honored as the first Pakistani motivational speaker. She is also the national ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. She usually delivers speeches on personal development subjects.

5. Qaisar Abbas

He is one of the best motivational speakers of Pakistan. He is an inspiring trainer, coach, and author of many books. He provides his services through his writings and talks.

6. Tanzila Khan

Tanzila Khan is the second female motivational speaker of Pakistan. She is a wheelchair user who is passionate about life. Through her work and passion, she sets an example for the youth. She also writes books from a very young age.

7. Umair Jaliawala

He is a Pakistani entrepreneur, trainer, and one of the best motivational speakers. He provides new thoughts to his audience during his talk sessions.

8. Sadaqat Ali

Sadaqat Ali is a famous motivational speaker and addiction counselor. He provides counseling to addicted people and helps them to become good citizens. He also writes books and some pamphlets on different medical issues and management.

9. Zaydan Khan

Zaydan khan is a motivational speaker and the founder of an organization for the development of the young. He trains the youth to face the hardships of life and motivates them towards positive aspects of life.

10. Shahid Ullah

Shahid Ullah is a teacher, trainer, and motivational speaker at different professional institutes since 2012.

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