The 5 Best Health Articles From The Week Of February 23
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Health and Wellness

5 Health And Wellness Articles You Missed From The Week Of February 23

A weekly roundup of Odyssey's Health & Wellness section.

5 Health And Wellness Articles You Missed From The Week Of February 23

Every week, Odyssey creators take a deep dive and write articles that reflect relevant topics, emotions, and stages of life. Within the Health & Wellness vertical, creators share stories ranging from mental health struggles to advice from their fitness journey.

Here are the top five articles from this last week on Odyssey Health & Wellness.

1. To Those Who Really Feel The Weight Of National Eating Disorder Week, I Get It

The last week of February is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and this creator fully understands how heavy that can be. Eating disorders are no joke but the stigma surrounding them makes it a hard subject to talk about.

Read more from this creator here.

2. A New Study Shows That Your 'I Just Don't Have Time' Excuse For Working Out Is 100 Percent FALSE

Sometimes you need a little tough love to kick that booty into gear and get to the gym. This creator is here to remind you that your tried and true excuse is actually not valid... like, at all.

Read more from this creator here.

3. 5 Obvious Red Flags Of Invalid Sexual Consent, Pay Attention

Understanding what consent doesn't look like is just as important as what it does look like. For the sake of everyone, educating yourself on this is key.

Read more from this creator here.

4. 10 Resources For The 21st-Century Girl Who's Trying To Get Sober

This creator is reminding us that another "Rose All Day" T-shirt may not be helpful for your friends who are struggling with sobriety. She provides resources for individuals looking to make this change, for their own health.

Read more from this creator here.

5. Jameela Jamil Was Accused Of Munchausen Syndrome And That's Detrimental For Invisible Illnesses

Invisible illnesses bring their own controversy and obstacles to any conversation, mostly in the fact that you really can't tell who has them. Jameela Jamil recently discussed her battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and was accused of "faking it." This creator discusses how that reaction is detrimental for EVERYONE with an invisible illness.

Read more from this creator here.

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