With the release of Justice League, some would say that it has been made abundantly clear that too many characters have entered DC's cinematic universe too quickly. These people might be right, but it's still fun to imagine what could be coming and so the following is a list of the top five characters who could eventually get their own movie- reason be darned:

5. The Atom

Ant-Man was a success for Marvel and Ant-Man and Wasp is coming up sooner than later, so the natural move for DC would be to fire back with a shrinking hero of their own. The Atom can shrink to microscopic sizes, change his density, glide on air currents, and later on even grow to giant sizes. He'd make for a fun obscure addition to the universe that kept things interesting.

4. Raven

With Enchantress as Suicide Squad's main villainess and Cyborg as a member of the Justice League, it could be interesting to see the DCU's take on another member of the Titans who could act as a foil to Enchantress. Cursed with dark powers, Raven actually fights for the side of good, which could go along well with the darker tones that the DCU has become known for without becoming too bogged down in gloominess if the right director was found.

3. Zatanna Zatara

Similarly, it might be cool to introduce the Justice League Dark to the DCU, starting with Zatanna. Stage magician by trade and an actual magician by super powers, she could team up with John Constantine to form the sub-branch of the Justice League known for dealing with the supernatural, which could also fit in well with the addition of other characters like Raven and Swamp Thing.

2. Batwing

Because he's basically Batman in a robot suit with the same name as a futuristic airplane, and that's freaking cool. Plus he's the son of Lucias Fox and he could fill in for Affleck's Batman when he (inevitably?) bows out of the DCU, at the very least temporarily.

1. Static

Static has the power to control electric currents and he knows how to use it. He can fly around on metal discs using magnetism, he's got a fun attitude that could be the DCU equivalent of Spider-Man, and he could introduce a whole other segment of the DC comics by starting out as more of a street level hero too. Fans of the animated series would definitely be happy with his introduction in a live action film.