There are so many different things that you could do with your partner. No matter what you choose to do, as long as you guys are having fun and are together is the point!

1. Quiet night in bed

Grab your favorite of pajamas and curl in bed with your bae to watch your favorite show or movie. The only thing that could make this date better is some of your favorite snacks or a bottle of wine.

2. Ice skating

There isn’t anything cuter than you and your bae helping each other not fall over while skating around the ice arena. This date could potentially be really funny and a great idea if you want to get out of the house

3. Homemade candle light dinner

Do you really want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend? Nothing more impressive than cooking your partner's favorite meal and enjoying it at a candlelit dinner table. This idea is even better when they don’t see it coming!

4. Watch a show!

For those of you who hate the cold as much as I do, something fun to do with your partner could be to find a show that you two would really like to watch! It would be a play, musical or even a sporting event! As long as it includes leaving the house, but still staying warm, this date is perfect!

5. Card games

This one might not be for everyone, but board games and card games are a great way to have a chill date with your partner while also continuing to get to know them! Some games perfect for two people include a friendly game of heads up, the skin deep card game, 20 questions or even the headphones song challenge!