Top Considerations for Choosing a Gaming Projector
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Top Considerations for Choosing a Gaming Projector

Gaming Projector

Top Considerations for Choosing a Gaming Projector

Most gamers prefer a projector instead of a TV. That’s because the projector brings a giant screen and immersive viewing experience. Here are some tips for helping you to choose a good gaming projector.

ANSI lumens vs lumens

Brightness is the top consideration on deciding on a projector. Lumen is the general measurement for projector brightness However, there are lumens measurements for brightness, including ANSI lumens, ISO lumens, LED lumens, and light source lumens. ANSI lumens are widely accepted in the international market. Some merchants will label light source lumens to mislead customers.

Refresh Rate vs Frame Rate

Refresh Rate and Frame Rate are measurements for the projector response and load speed. The high the frame rate, the smoother the experience, and the clearer the image. The Refresh Rate is determined by the monitor. Frame rate is determined by the hardware equipment.

Input lag

If you want to use the projector to play games. A low input lag is preferred. When choosing a good gaming projector, you need to pay attention to the input lag at different resolutions.

Screen Size

The size of the projection image is also important. Generally, a projector can project a max screen of 200 inches. Some smart projectors project a max screen of 300 inches, bringing a cinematic viewing experience.

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