Top 10 clothing stores to shop

10 Places To Shop​ for an amazing summer wardrobe

Working at a clothing boutique for the summer definitely re-ignited my passion for style!


If we are being honest, I do not consider myself a fashionista by any means. Of course, I love cute clothes and will buy a piece here and there to add to my wardrobe, but something about working at a clothing store with a bunch of cute stylish girls is inspiring me to step up my game.

I work with the sweetest girl majoring in fashion merchandising at The University of Georgia, and she is a major reason why I am excited about clothes and putting effort into what I am wearing again. So Reilly, thanks girl! Reilly is a fashion blogger and personal stylist who inspires me so much, so you should check her out! Give her a follow and read her blogs, she's amazing.

Reilly's Instagram.

Reilly's fashion blog.

So here are the top 10 places I have been shopping at this summer to expand my summer wardrobe!

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban is my go-to store. Yes, it costs an arm and a leg, but there is something so special and fun about it that I continue to shop there.

2. Steve Madden

Steve Madden platforms are my entire heart and soul in shoe form. I have this shoe in rose gold, white, black, and snakeskin and I cannot get enough on my hands! Coziest things in the world to wear for 7 hours on your feet, I promise.

3. Symphony Beads

Shameless self-promo... I started creating handmade jewelry pieces recently and have been pairing my necklaces with every cute outfit I put on! My mission is to uplift and inspire others and I do so by posting uplifting quotes and messages to my story regularly. I think it is important to remind women how beautiful and strong they are and that is what I want my brand to be about.

4. American Threads

American Threads has always been a favorite since I discovered it. The clothing is high quality and has a very bohemian style. All of their pieces are neutral for the most part which I LOVE.

5. White Fox Boutique

White Fox is an Australian label that has some of the most stunning unique pieces I have seen. They are my go-to site for formals and semi-formals in college! Super cute dresses and two-piece sets perfect for any special occasion.

6. Free People

This store is literally the most expensive thing ever (okay so is Urban, but for some reason, Free People has to convince me a little more to actually open my wallet) but I will give them one thing... they have some of the BEST flowy cozy white dresses I have ever seen. They have a unique cut and style that often times compliments my body very well. Also, Free People has really good staple pieces like a denim jacket with pearls (I wear mine all the time) and basic tops and skirts I wear a lot of times when I go out!

7. Tender Ghost

This is not exactly clothing or fashion related, but Tender Ghost has the best enamel pins and patches EVER! If you are into the whole positive, uplifting, empowering vibe... check their stuff out. You will not be disappointed!

8. Hazel Boutique

Hazel Boutique is my hidden gem and if I could, I would spend all the money to my name here. So if you are reading this article and make it to number eight, you're welcome. Their style is very hippie and laid back, lots of fun and unique pieces to be found at this shop!

9. Aaron Asunsolo

Aaron Asunsolo is actually the greatest of all time. She is a clothing designer who hand makes clothing and sells it on Instagram! She has some super cool pieces, I would definitely check her out ASAP if you want to be a style icon. She is so kind and amazing to work with!

10. Brooklynn's

Brooklynn's is an amazing clothing store with super affordable, cute pieces!! If you are balling on a budget and want to look cute, this is the way to go. I have this top in black and love it so much!

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Madison Morgan

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What's Up With Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Skin color issues, parenting issues, cave man issues and more...


So, I managed to peep the episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which aired on April 15th. Tokyo Vanity went to meet a trainer, Ace. He told her what she should and shouldn't eat. Che Mack met with her man Made Man. It was his birthday and he wanted to hang out with his friend. She called Shekinah to hang out with her. Che Mac wanted to go back to work, but apparently, Made Man preferred her to stay home. Why can't men just let women have their careers and their families? I'm shaking my head over this story line.

Then we have Spice, who went to chat with Joc. She talked about leaving her kids in Jamaica. She also talked about her desire to change her skin color. She said that in Jamaica when you bleach your skin, it is praised like that's a good thing. Wow, that is a big cultural difference. Spice explained that she wanted to use her platform to tell other dark skinned women that they could overcome obstacles that they may have because of their skin-color. Joc told her that she should go on with her plan as long as she is prepared for it. It's so sad that people look at others negatively or positively because of the color of their skin. That's really crazy when you think about.

Anyway, Mimi later met up with Spice in the Sweet Auburn district Atlanta. The Sweet Auburn district was full of African American businesses during the Civil Rights Movement, and Mimi took Spice to the Madame C J Walker museum there. Madame CJ Walker was the first back female millionaire in the USA. She made her millions in the beauty industry. Still, though, Spice argued with Mimi and the tour guide and didn't change her mind about changing her skin color. I hope that she was ready for the backlash from people who would not care so much about her point of raising awareness on this issue. Folks will just go in on her because she lightened her skin.

Another interesting scene was when Kirk met up with his sons' grandmother, great-grandmother and Jasmine, Kannon's mother. There had been some concerns about Rasheeda's and Jasmine's different parenting styles. Kirk had some thoughts about Jasmine's parenting of his son, also. He arranged to meet with Jasmine's mother and grandmother, because they spend a lot of time with the boy, but he didn't' expect Jasmine to pop up. It's a good thing that she did, because she was able to hear first-hand what Kirk had to say about her parenting. Now, commenters on the show, chuckled at Jasmine's hair style in her scene with Kirk and her family, but I think that Jasmine raised some good points. If Kirk had just became a part of Kannon's life, if the boy had recently (on the show) been allowed to spend time with Rasheeda and Kirk in their home, Kirk shouldn't have too much to say. The child was healthy, well-fed, and happy. They shouldn't argue about petty things like Jasmine going out once in a while or the baby wearing pull-ups. I think that they will continue to disagree, just like Momma D and CeCe, but I'll have to wait and see, won't I?

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