5 Ways To Build Your Brand And Become The Next Top Social Media Influencer

5 Ways To Build Your Brand And Become The Next Top Social Media Influencer

70 percent of employers look at your social media - it's time to create your aesthetic.


Now more than ever before, your presence on the internet matters. Nearly 70 percent of employers look at your social media accounts during the hiring process. The picture you posted on Instagram of your wild Friday night? They see it. The endless puppy gifs you retweet on Twitter? They see that, too. Although not everything you post on social media may be viewed by an employer now, the chances of something scrolling up in a Google search of your name in a few years may be surprising. Forbes even said "Social media is a key player in the job search process today" and that it's not enough to only have a plain Facebook page or stagnant Twitter account.

Bottom line? Think before you post and post meaningful content. Before you scramble and freak out over what pops up in a Google search (seriously, give it a try), understand the five successful ways to improving your social media presence.

1. Create a brand.

"Aesthetic" is the perfect word to use in this situation. Find and determine your unique brand. This doesn't have to be down to a direct science, but you should put more effort into how your social media accounts look side by side. Take a screenshot of every profile page of your social media accounts - print them out, take a glance and compare the outcome. By simply adjusting your bios and adding links to other sites, you can connect your socials and unify your media presence.

2. Make it easy.

You don't need a degree in marketing or social media (you can major in social media?) to create a social media presence. Start simple - create a LinkedIn page for your professional work. Tie your personal-professional accounts to this page and invite others to connect with you. Make it easy for your future employer to view your profile which means taking it off private. By restricting access to employers, you are putting up a shield of secrecy. They may ask, what do you have to hide? Realistically, you probably don't want to answer that question if the privacy setting is truly hiding some non-professional posts. Clean out your social media accounts of your cringe-y past and open up the gates.

3. Connect with others.

It's as easy as pressing the blue "Follow" button. Social media sites make it 10x easier to make connections with future employers, role models, friends and family. Once you connect, make an effort to comment and like their posts. In addition to making connections, follow social media tags and hashtags. Instagram and Twitter allow you to search by hashtag, so take advantage of the platform and like/follow accounts with similar aesthetics. Foolproof method - like as many posts as you can. People will repay you with a follow.

4. Learn more.

Although you may be a complete expert at matching your next Snapchat story post with the perfect gif/meme ratio, resort back to your roots and learn more about the platform. Optimize your content and post something where it'll work the best and attract the most people. On Facebook, use high-resolution photos and videos whenever possible. You've probably noticed the feature that auto-plays videos while you scroll - use it to your advantage. On Twitter, share your best gifs, up-to-date news and blog posts (think back to #2). Overall, just read up on the latest social platform news.

5. Play to your strengths.

You may not be the next biggest social media influencer on Instagram, but you can use your strengths to your advantage. If you love writing, create a Wordpress blog and share your story. Do you have a knack for design and art? Take photos of it and share on Flickr or VSCO. There's an app for everything, so find your niche and stick to it. If you're not sure where you fall on the social media spectrum, stick to the basic platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for your updates.

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