Top 8 Ways Painting Improves the Quality of Our Life

Top 8 Ways Painting Improves the Quality of Our Life

The word 'Art' is usually interrelated with pieces of work in a gallery or museum, whether it's a painting from the Renaissance or a modern sculpture.


Painting plays an important role in our lives. Let's discuss how it improve the quality of life.

Stress releaser: The study analyzes that creating art decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves medical outcomes. It improves your quality of health and life too. Art can fill life with the bundles of joy and have a wonderful effect on our mood. And what better way to do that than by DIY! You can try out the DIY Paint by Numbers kits to begin. Check out the amazing collection of canvases you can choose from. There are also 100s of diamond painting kits on the store which is the latest addition to DIY art. The trend just started only last year and people in embroidery as well as painting circles are loving it.

Solve issues: Painting is a form of art that helps to solve problems in all areas of your life and work. Your artistic aspect approaches a state of affairs from all angles. Creativeness helps you to see things beyond uncertainty.

Develop confidence: Creativeness comes with several ups and downs and a high risk of failure. Artistic way could be a nice confidence builder. Because you discover that failure is an element of the artistic method. Once we see the failure as a survivable thing, then we release our fear and we find the courage to do new things even at the risk of failure.

Positive thinking: Our brain feels enjoyable and comforts when we admire nice artworks, like reminiscent of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli or different masterpieces by nice artists like Claude Monet, Turner, and Constable. Taking note of favorite artwork promotes positive thinking. Painting can create a sound and healthy atmosphere.

Art therapy: With the use of creative materials, we are able to follow our true stream of imagination. We are able to understand ourselves deeply. Art creating may be soothing and stress-reducing. It is additionally a medium of relaxation, gratification, and expressive style. One of the easiest without needing a therapist is to use these DIY Diamond Painting kits available at Check out the amazing collection of canvases on this website.

Powerful effects: Many research suggest painting has an energetic effect on the brain that makes life worthy. Those, who take interest in the arts, enjoyed better health and energy and tend to be happier. They were also less likely to be depressed. Art can help the brain when things go complicated.

Enhance creativity: Artistic activities make us more genius and flexible. It enhances our capacity to discover new and interesting things. Art provides us with new possibilities to paint our imagination. It remains us busy in creativity and reduces the boredom of life.

Source of communication: Painting is a spirit that can improve collaboration and communication with other. Through art, thoughts and emotions could be expressed. So see, hear and observe that what artists want to communicate through their art. Take a note of what is in their souls. Just a small painting can reveal a lot of things without words.

You can experience these beneficial and therapeutic effects of art by simply trying out one of the DIY Paint by Number kits for adults available at our website. You don't need any prior experience of painting or drawing to use these, and you'll love the easy and flowy process of making them, giving you the zen-like peaceful experience of doing art.

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Charcoal Face Masks Are A Way To Take Care Of Skin, They Have Nothing To Do With Blackface

The reality is this is just a skin care routine that is being blown way out of proportion.


In today's day and age, there is always some new trend or fad that we are all following along with. Most people just tag along without thinking of what exactly it is that they are joining. Everyone just wants to fit in with what's new and hot. Because of this, things can get out of hand or blown way out of proportion very quickly. The most recent case of something like this is the whole charcoal mask being considered blackface scandal. Being a young black woman, the whole blackface situation hits rather close to home for me. But what really is going on here?

According to a lot of recent accusations, people are rather offended by the use of these charcoal masks. They're very offended by the number of people that takes pictures of themselves using the face masks and posting it on social media. Many people are saying that those using the mask are not thinking of how it looks to others.

But honestly, it's really being blown out of proportion.

Now, I completely understand the blackface issue, and I agree that it is NOT okay to wear blackface. I do not condone that at all because it is horribly wrong and degrading. However, this is a completely different concept.

These face masks are bought as part of a skincare routine for people, myself included. It is black because of the activated charcoal that's in it. Yes, there may be people out there that have bad intentions when using these face masks, but the majority of people that use it are using it for their clogged pores, which is the reason charcoal face masks are used.

For some reason, this generation likes to always be on the defense about things. Anything that seems even remotely possible to be taken the wrong way is suddenly the end of the world. We must have everything our way and it all has to be perfect. Everything is offensive and we all must have something to say. This is an issue that we all struggle with and, in turn, it causes news like this.

Personally, I just don't see a problem with these masks. I don't believe that everyone should be raising hell about it because, well, it's just a way for people to take care of their skin. I just think that this whole situation has become bigger than it really needs to be. Hate me if you want to, but I am choosing not to look at this from the negative perspective because I honestly believe it has nothing to do with the problem of blackface.

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Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose

Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose


Soul Singer Rosie La Posta who goes under the moniker of December Rose releases the ballad Hanging On. Finding a vocal style of her own, she hits all the notes effortlessly. You can hear past influences but she still keeps contemporary. Think Andra Day'smega smash Rise Up. As far the inspiration behind the song, Rosie says, "Besides the grief of a crumbling relationship, the hardest part in moving on is realizing neither person ever really closed the door. 'Hanging On' really paints the melancholy of the process." She first made waves her first single "Ball Game" which received a New Artist Spotlight award and was featured on AOL/Slacker Radio's "New Pop First" channel. Give it a stream.

Can you tell us a bit about your new song Hanging On?

For sure! So 'Hanging On' is about the "elephant in the room" everyone is ignoring. The relationship is crumbling, no one's letting go and closing the door to that chapter in their lives. The song carries listeners through the reminiscing sweet encounter and desperate plea for truth to set them free.

How would you describe your sound?

Always the hardest question to answer!! haha With all the new music I've been working on, there's been a huge musical maturation. With that said, there is a lot of influence of different genres, but to keep it simple, I'd say Adele meets One Republic, meets Gavin DeGraw, meets Amy Winehouse.

What's your song writing routine like?

This has evolved a ton over the years and still haven't really found a routine. My most creative moments are usually in the mornings, in the shower, and while on public transit around the city. Super random!!! I think on average these are the times my mind has the freedom to just think about anything. So, little melodies or song concepts might come to mind, or lyrics. Sometimes on a great day, all of these things come together at the same time. Little by little I build it. I don't force the song to come together in one day if it's not there. I let the idea "sit on the slow cooker" until it's ready (can be super quick or super long).

Are you playing any shows soon?

With the holidays approaching, no shows for the rest of 2018, but booking for 2019 already so all that information will be up on my website shortly. (

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