Top 8 Ways Painting Improves the Quality of Our Life

Top 8 Ways Painting Improves the Quality of Our Life

The word 'Art' is usually interrelated with pieces of work in a gallery or museum, whether it's a painting from the Renaissance or a modern sculpture.


Painting plays an important role in our lives. Let's discuss how it improve the quality of life.

Stress releaser: The study analyzes that creating art decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves medical outcomes. It improves your quality of health and life too. Art can fill life with the bundles of joy and have a wonderful effect on our mood. And what better way to do that than by DIY! You can try out the DIY Paint by Numbers kits to begin. Check out the amazing collection of canvases you can choose from. There are also 100s of diamond painting kits on the store which is the latest addition to DIY art. The trend just started only last year and people in embroidery as well as painting circles are loving it.

Solve issues: Painting is a form of art that helps to solve problems in all areas of your life and work. Your artistic aspect approaches a state of affairs from all angles. Creativeness helps you to see things beyond uncertainty.

Develop confidence: Creativeness comes with several ups and downs and a high risk of failure. Artistic way could be a nice confidence builder. Because you discover that failure is an element of the artistic method. Once we see the failure as a survivable thing, then we release our fear and we find the courage to do new things even at the risk of failure.

Positive thinking: Our brain feels enjoyable and comforts when we admire nice artworks, like reminiscent of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli or different masterpieces by nice artists like Claude Monet, Turner, and Constable. Taking note of favorite artwork promotes positive thinking. Painting can create a sound and healthy atmosphere.

Art therapy: With the use of creative materials, we are able to follow our true stream of imagination. We are able to understand ourselves deeply. Art creating may be soothing and stress-reducing. It is additionally a medium of relaxation, gratification, and expressive style. One of the easiest without needing a therapist is to use these DIY Diamond Painting kits available at Check out the amazing collection of canvases on this website.

Powerful effects: Many research suggest painting has an energetic effect on the brain that makes life worthy. Those, who take interest in the arts, enjoyed better health and energy and tend to be happier. They were also less likely to be depressed. Art can help the brain when things go complicated.

Enhance creativity: Artistic activities make us more genius and flexible. It enhances our capacity to discover new and interesting things. Art provides us with new possibilities to paint our imagination. It remains us busy in creativity and reduces the boredom of life.

Source of communication: Painting is a spirit that can improve collaboration and communication with other. Through art, thoughts and emotions could be expressed. So see, hear and observe that what artists want to communicate through their art. Take a note of what is in their souls. Just a small painting can reveal a lot of things without words.

You can experience these beneficial and therapeutic effects of art by simply trying out one of the DIY Paint by Number kits for adults available at our website. You don't need any prior experience of painting or drawing to use these, and you'll love the easy and flowy process of making them, giving you the zen-like peaceful experience of doing art.

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High School Students, Ask Yourself If You Really Want To Be Pre-Med, And Be Honest With The Answer

A glance into the mind of a freshman pre-med.


If you liked your science classes in high school, are smart, and want to help people, you probably have considered being a doctor, just like around 1,400 other students in Baylor's Class of 2022. Blinded by unrealistic portrayals in the media, a noble altruism, and general naivete, few stop to consider the real-life implications of the long journey to become a doctor and if it is right for them. Therefore, the majority of entering pre-med freshmen change career paths within two years, and for a variety of legitimate reasons besides not being able to handle the heavy workload.

So, if you are a high school student considering being pre-med (or another form of pre-health), here is a realistic list of pre-health related commitments of a current freshman premed.

1. General Biology/General Chemistry/Physics/Calculus and Labs

Notorious for being "weed-out classes," entry-level math and science courses are no joke. Although on the surface the material seems to be the same as your high school classes (especially APs), professors demand a much deeper understanding of the material at a much faster pace and often go beyond what is taught in high school. Between reading the chapters, taking notes, solving problem sets, and reviewing, keeping up with the lectures requires consistency, dedication, and many hours outside the classroom. Oh, and don't forget about labs, which are separate time blocks in your schedule, and their coursework: pre-labs and lab reports.

2. PHP 1105: Foundations of Medicine

A mandatory primarily online class for pre-med students at Baylor, PHP 1105 discusses how to become a doctor, all the way from the undergraduate level to the application process to medical school years to residency and fellowships and more. Full of useful information from the textbook and video lectures, PHP 1105 also requires students to attend in-person a variety of workshops, speaker events, and socials over the course of the semester. Another requirement is to join an approved pre-health student organization.

3. Student Organizations

Given that part of PHP 1105 is to join a prehealth-specific student organization, involvement in a pre-med extracurricular is expected. We have several on campus, such as American Medical Students Association (AMSA), American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS), Medical Service Organization (MSO), the Christian PreHealth Fellowship (CPF), and Baylor University Medical Ethics Discussion Society (BU MEDS) among others. In order to be an active member, students must attend general meetings and social events and usually do community service hours as well. These student organizations are great opportunities to meet other pre-med students (especially upperclassmen) and demonstrate a commitment to the medical field. However, it is another time commitment that needs to be juggled in a busy college life.

4. Volunteering

Heavily emphasized on applications to medical school, getting involved in consistent community service is also another common expectation of freshmen premed students. From tutoring in disadvantaged local schools to spending time with hospice patients to serving soup to the homeless to playing with abandoned cats and dogs, there are volunteer opportunities for every interest. The pre-med organizations often provide these opportunities for their members to get involved in the community, simplifying the process. However, to truly gain experience and demonstrate a genuine commitment to helping people, service should be done on a regular basis (especially weekly) instead of only the bare minimum of hours.

5. Leadership/Research/Shadowing

Leadership experience, research, and shadowing are also essential portions of a pre-med student's undergraduate experience, especially in order to determine if medicine is the right fit. However, this can be difficult to find as a first-semester freshman, but steps in the right direction can definitely be taken. Simply engaging with professors and actively participating in student organizations can go a long way into finding those leadership positions, research and shadowing opportunities later, but this requires intentionality and effort from the beginning.

Even if this seems like a lot, don't forget about non-science classes, sleep, spending time with friends, other extracurricular, possibly a job, and taking care of yourself too! Burnout is really easy, and your college experience should not be solely focused on getting into medical school. Although these commitments are often demanding, they should also be enjoyable, a reflection of a deeper passion for people and medicine, instead of just items on a checklist.

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Learn how to avoid bad credit loans

One of the consequences of bad credit is that it is difficult to borrow money.


Borrowers see you as a risky borrower who probably will have the standard on loan terms, so much will deny your request. As a result, borrowers with bad credit are often ranked by "companies" that offer bad credit loans. Unfortunately, these loans are often scam meant to deceive you in giving some money.

In a bad credit loan scams, the "lender" often promises to send you a loan, but only after you have first sent a fee to obtain the loan.

They can be as low as $ 50 or up to a thousand dollars, depending on the amount you're borrowing. The "lender" can be a loan origination fee, loan insurance costs, or even security for the loan. You send the money and wait for your bad credit loan, but you never receive it. Unfortunately, by the time you realize what is happening, your money is gone and the money lender is nowhere to be found.It is against the law that a company promises to borrow money in exchange for a fee - this is called "advance payments". Not only do legitimate lenders require no payment to lend you a bad credit loan, but it does not make sense financially to pay money to borrow money.

Signs of a bad credit loan scam

The most obvious sign a bad credit loan is a scam is an application for prepayment. (Note that with mortgage or car loan there is a mortgage on mortgage or car loan or closing costs.)Advance payment and other bad credit loan scams usually guarantee that you get a loan, even before they have checked your credit. They promise to give you a bad credit loan, regardless of your credit history, income or bankruptcy. But no legitimate lender will give you a loan without a certainty that you will repay the loan.

One sign that you are going to a scammer is that the company asks / requires that you prepay in some ways in addition to US mail and send a personal check. Because there are strict e-mail fraud laws in the United States, scammers usually do not receive payments via e-mail. Instead, they often request that you make the payment to them. Scammers are asking more and more victims to send money via Green Money MoneyPak, which is another method that can hardly be detected once the funds have been sent.

Be careful with credit providers abroad, such as Canada or the Caribbean. These are the two most common places that appear to be bad credit loan scams. Just because the loan comes from somewhere other than those two places does not mean that it is legitimate. Compare the loan carefully with the other criteria to verify the bad credit loan.

Beware of companies that claim your social security number, bank account number or credit card number without giving you written documentation about the loan. Avoid giving sensitive information on the phone unless you have started the call to a company that you know and trust.

If you are hurt

If you are the victim of a bad credit loan scam, contact your local law enforcement as soon as possible.

You must also notify your Attorney General, the FBI, if the company was from another state or country, and the Federal Trade Commission. It is also a good idea to let the Better Business Bureau know about the scam to warn other consumers about the fall.

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