If you are a teacher on the lookout for an innovative and fun way to connect with your students, then you should seek your solution in technology. Technology can serve to increase the levels of excitement in your classes aiding in the learning process for your students. Technology can be very useful an asset in the classroom offering interactive platforms that students of all ages can indulge in. the use of technology in the classroom not only helps the learners acquire a new language, the systems also motivate the confidence of the learners. Educators of the language are in a unique place to embrace the use of technology in a way that motivates their students and help them rapidly master the language as they are more engaged in the learning process. There are several ways to go about the teaching of the English language using technology. The following are examples:

1. Use of film and video

The use of short films and short videos is an innovative way to teach students certain key aspects of the English language as vocabulary and pronunciation. It is also a good way to assess the comprehension and mastery of the language by the students. The films and videos show the students how English is used in its natural setting. They can learn from the use of the English language how they themselves can mimic the same. Younger students can be taught by the use of cartoons as they will enjoy them. The older, more advanced students can be taught through the use of news and current affairs. The teacher should acquire films of interest and a screen or a projector to enhance the learning of the language.

2. Applications and websites
A smart way for students to learn the English language and still have fun while at it. Applications such as Grammar Up, which can be easily downloaded on iPads and tablets, can really ease the frustration of teaching a language. These applications use the general rules of the English language to test the comprehension of the students on certain topics in English such as prepositions and verbs. The students could also skip the difficult questions simply by shaking the tablet. These apps are convenient as the learner could download them on their personal device and continue the learning process at their free time increasing the speed with which they master the English language. The students should also be encouraged to use applications to check their work. There are various applications which provide term paper editing and proofreading services to make sure the learners deliver the highest quality submissions.

3. Conducting digital field trips
A field trip is always a suitable method of teaching students. However, most ESL colleges run on a tight budget and hence cannot afford an actual field trip. These could be substituted with digital field trips and achieve nearly the same result. There are many examples of field trips available on the internet to help the students learn more. Sites like Inside the White House can give insight to older students while apps like 4-H virtual farm could be used for younger students.

4. Use of podcasts
A podcast consists of a series of audio recordings that the learners can listen to. A free download of the iTunes application in the Apple store will earn you a vast array of podcasts that the students can listen to. There are many types of podcasts recorded specifically for students mastering the English language. The students could also create their own podcasts to assess the progress they have made so far.

5. Video-conferencing
Video conferencing solutions like skype could really come in handy in an English classroom. It is an excellent way for the students to practice their mastery of the language by speaking to people from different locations all over the world. The students could even have question-answer sessions with popular authors and journalists. The students could take virtual field trips even connect with students from other parts of the world.

6. Use of Blogs
The instructor should encourage the students to open up blog channels in such free websites as Blogger and Live Journal. The students are likely to take the blogs more seriously because they know the blogs have a large viewership. The students are likely to apply themselves to making the English on their blogs as good as possible, promoting learning.

Information technology is the new world order. The modern technology is applied in all spheres of life including education. The above are the ways that an instructor can best use technology to enhance the teaching of the English language.