Top 6 Places To Travel On A Budget This Summer

Top 6 Places To Travel On A Budget This Summer

For the college kids who want adventure without an empty bank account.

Summer break is the perfect chance to get away and check off some traveling from your bucket list. Being a college student, our tight budgets sometimes limit the opportunities we have to travel. Here are some of the more reasonable and obtainable traveling spots for this summer.

1. Dallas-Fort Worth

With tons of fun attractions like the historic Stockyard District, the aquariums and solving the Kennedy assassination conspiracy at the Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza, the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area is perfect. With round-trip tickets averaging around $277 and hotels at about $65 a night, this trip is definitely affordable.

2. Denver

If you're looking for a thrill, you should try Denver. With attractions like the Lakeside Amusement Park and games at Coors Field, the city is the perfect destination for us young travelers. Hotels cost about $52 a night, and plane tickets from many major U.S. cities cost about $270.

3. Charlotte

With places like the Levine Museum of New South and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte is the perfect place to taste a bit of the sweet south. Round trips cost about $300 and hotels are around $67 as well.

4. Albuquerque

If you can stand the heat, Albuquerque is a really interesting place to splurge on a vacation. With attractions like the longest aerial tram in North America and a historical downtown district with a night-life that is out of this world a trip to Albuquerque costs only $320 for a round trip and about $79 a night hotel-wise.

5. Phoenix

With temperatures that reach triple digits to blame for the low summer crowds in Phoenix, that also means they're the cause for such cheap travel prices. With prices around $274 round-trip and $67 per night you can sight see at the beautiful Camelback Mountains and visit the Heard Museum for super cheap.

6. Myrtle Beach

With miles and miles of beautiful sand and several fun boardwalk attractions Myrtle Beach is the perfect place if you're looking for the ocean. You can even take some time to visit Ripley's aquarium and get nose-to-nose with sharks. With flights that involve connections starting at around $241 and hotels about $79 a night Myrtle Beach is completely doable.
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To That One Friend Who Deserves The World

Since I can't give you the world, I hope giving you this article is enough.

My wonderful friend,

You deserve love.

You deserve to marry your best friend.

You deserve appreciation.

You deserve that no matter who comes in and out of your life, every selfless thing you do for someone is acknowledged.

Have Your Voice Heard: Become an Odyssey Creator

You deserve kindness.

You deserve to have the nicest people in the world surround you all of the time.

You deserve support.

You deserve to have someone there for you at the beginning of every good day and at the end of every bad one, to have someone who wants to fix all of your problems.

You deserve hope.

You deserve to always be optimistic.

You deserve laughter.

You deserve to never stop smiling and actually mean it every time you do.

You deserve forgiveness.

You deserve to be able to be given second chances because without a doubt you are worth it.

You deserve friendship.

You deserve to have a friend who can be just as good of a friend as you are.

You deserve honesty.

You deserve to always be told the truth.

You deserve motivation.

You deserve to never want to give up and always push yourself.

You deserve success.

You deserve to have everything you have worked so hard for.

You deserve faith.

You deserve to always know it will get better.

You deserve loyalty.

You deserve to have that one person who will never leave and always be there for you.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve to be genuinely content with your life.

You deserve the world.

If I could give it to you, I would.

Yes, life gets tough sometimes. The unthinkable happens and your world feels like it is crashing down but you can get past all of this.

Thank you for being so selfless. It amazes me how you do it sometimes, but thank you for always making everyone your main priority when they need you.

I know I may not say it enough, but truly thank you for all you do for me. I don’t always know how to show how much someone means to me, especially when it is someone as great as you because I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but thank you.

I love you.

Cover Image Credit: Liz Spence

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5 Things To Do In Columbia, South Carolina, To Keep You Entertained

It's bigger than you'd think.


Growing up in the state of South Carolina, I'd been to Columbia lots of times but I never really got to experience the sights and sounds quite the way I do now that I'm in school here. That being said, I feel like I've gotten to check some cool things in the past three years and I'd like to recommend some to you!

1. Get Coffee!

Wikimedia Commons

Obviously, we have a trillion Starbucks, but I mean try out some of the other, more localized coffee shops such as Drip, Immaculate Consumption, Cool Beans, Zombie Coffee and Donuts, and the list goes on. And again, while we all love Starbucks, it's good to try new things, especially locally based things that put money back into your economy and locally sourced coffees.

2. Catch Some Baseball!

We have our lovely Gamecocks in action basically every weekend, and the SEC season is underway so there will be some talented teams rolling into Columbia in the next few weeks to take on the Gamecocks. We also have the Columbia Fireflies in action pretty soon, so go check them out as well. Don't forget your glove!

3. Brunch!

My friends introduced me to some really great places to have brunch. I definitely think Tazza Kitchen is my favorite but there are so many great restaurants to explore throughout the city that have brunch food and drink specials! Also, it's a nice way to kick off or end your weekend surrounded by food and people that you care about.

4. The Great Outdoors!

Wikimedia Commons

There's always something to do outside! For the most part, we have great weather, so outdoor activities are a must! And we have various festivals that come and go throughout the year. We also have lots of parks and rivers for walking, running, kayaking, swimming and more!

5. Museums!


I know everyone thinks museums are lame but I don't! So, we have plenty of things to look at and take in around Columbia! We have a children's museum for the younger crowd, in addition to the Columbia Museum of Art and the South Carolina State Museum. I actually used to go to the state museum a lot as a kid with my parents. There are also other smaller places around Columbia and on campus to check out if you're into history like I am!

This is only a small list of the attractions in Columbia. For all the trash I talk about this state and about this city, it does have some pretty loveable things. You can eat your heart out, learn, cheer on your favorite team and that could only be day one.

If you have any other suggestions of things to do or would like to request me as your personal tour guide, let me know!

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