The Top 5 Superheroes This World Needs

1. Dog Woman.

Dog Woman goes out on adventures to places where dogs are lovely or abused. Dog Woman sweeps them up into her cape and returns them to her home. Her home is stocked with nutritious, tasty dog food, many toys, comfy beds, fresh water and treats! Dog Woman owns around 100 dogs who love to socialize with one another.

2. Anti-Racism Boy

Though Anti-Racism is only a young boy, he flies around above white supremacist and racist rallies. When he spots someone full of hate and bigotry, he zaps them to another dimension.

3. Alarm Clock Man

Do you sleep through your alarm and miss your 8AM Spanish lecture? Alarm clock ringing in your ear, but you just want more sleep? Crisis Adverted!!!! Alarm Clock Man swoops in to freeze time, allowing you to get an extra hour of sleep in or bike to your class without being docked for lateness.

4. Hair Girl

Having a bad hair day? Hair too oily? Too dry? Needs a wash? No worries! Hair Girl will fly through your window to turn any straggled hairs into beautiful locks. Hair Girl can untangle and soften hair in seconds!

5. Anti-trafficking Teen

Anti-trafficking Teen can track down any traffickers in the world just by their foul attitudes. She waits in parking lots of supermarkets and malls to find predators. Anti-trafficking Teen will then laser beam the traffickers turning them to dog treats. Dog Woman then takes the dog treats for her barking family.

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