It's no secret that it's not long before we get back into the swing of things at school and we become so wrapped up in school and friends and parties, that the thought of paying a visit back home is less than appealing. In fact, sometimes even giving our parents a call can feel like a task that is too exhausting. There are, however, some things so precious about visiting home once it is no longer the primary location that you reside in:

1. The Food

You are lying if the thought of eating your favorite home-cooked meal doesn't make your mouth water; even to the busiest of us. No matter how many new "favorite restaurants" you've found or how many dining hall cookies you snag as you walk out, there is nothing quite like the excitement your taste buds feel when the flavor of your mother's cooking visit them again.

2. The Shower

Don't even pretend you enjoy showering in flip-flops, because that is simply not possible. I'm sure not many people need much convincing on this front, but the simple joy of letting your feet touch the porcelain of your shower floor should be enough to send you to purchase a plane ticket.

3. Your Bed

No matter how many mattress toppers, pillows, or duvet covers that you brought to school with you, the dorm room bed is simply not your bed. Regardless of the comfort level, a few nights to doze off in the bed in which you grew up is a luxury that I cannot imagine anyone passing up.

4. The Relaxation

Even if you are watching Netflix on your bed late Sunday night, the levels of relaxation you reach at school versus at home are not comparable. Visiting home gives you a true chance to detox--you can get out of the overwhelming and non-stop world of friends and homework and parties, and simply be. This type of relaxation is needed to keep metal health up, and you will be all the more excited to return to your busy world after a break.

5. The Company

There is no time like family time. Yes, cheesy, but so true. Regardless of how much you love your friends at school, no one can replace the laughs you share with your dad or the lunch dates with your sister or car rides with your mom. They are an intricate part of who you are and you always feel good after visiting your family. Not only do you miss them, but if possible, they may even miss you more.

I understand the appeal of school--I am the first person to say I am obsessed with it. The value of spending a weekend at home, however, is one that we all must keep in mind as the year flies by all too fast.