Top 5 Places to Complete Your Dorm Shopping

Top 5 Places to Complete Your Dorm Shopping

The top 5 most cost-effective stores for back to school shopping.

Sarah Simmons

After graduation, all you want to do is relax by the beach and have an amazing summer with your best friends before you all go your separate ways. That idea seems amazing until you realize that you will be working, because of the amount of dorm shopping that needs to be done. Here are the top five places to complete your dorm shopping list.

1. Marshalls.

Throughout senior year, I would wander through Marshalls and find canvases and other decorations and talk about how excited I was to decorate my dorm. When the July prior to moving into college rolled around, Marshalls was the first place I looked. Marshalls carries great bedding for college students. I purchased a bedding set for $40 that included a sham, a comforter, and a decorative pillow. I then purchased two set of sheets for $10 each. I also purchased my towels there, as well as some decorations and pillows. Marshalls has the necessary items for college at fantastic prices. They carry everything from shower caddies to bedding.

2. Walmart.

Walmart was my go-to store for larger items that I needed for school. I purchased Rubbermaid tubs there, as well as 3 drawer carts. Walmart has the best prices on items such as these. They also carry bedding. I bought most of my furniture-esque items at Walmart, such as my trash can, storage, and shelves here. Walmart is also a great place to pick up food to keep in the dorm. My favorite find there was the 30 pack of individually wrapped Cheese Itz. Walmart also carries big, under the bed trunks for storage. Walmart is also a great place to purchase your basic school supplies.

3. Target.

I found Target especially helpful in the same ways as Walmart. It carries storage items, as well as smaller needs. I found that I bought a lot from their dollar section. I found drawer liners in their dollar section that were awesome when it came to my desk. They were cute, but practical. I also found myself at Target for decorations. I purchased a body pillow here, along with a fuzzy cover for it. I also purchased some room necessities including tissues, and reusable water bottles. I was also able to purchase my Ethernet cables at Target. I found that Target did cost a little more than Walmart, but if you utilize the dollar section and the Cartwheel App, you will find some great discounts.

4. Amazon.

Amazon was one of the first places that I went to search for dorm items. I know Amazon is not an actual store; however, I found it a really great resource because students receive six months of Amazon Prime free. This meant free two-day shipping. You can buy virtually anything from Amazon. From food to electronics, there are no boundaries. I purchased a decal calendar for my wall, along with my shower caddy, and a massive value pack of Command hooks. While browsing, I found that they had desk organization, as well as closet organization.

One of the best purchases I made on Amazon was the ten pack of the “As Seen on TV Magic Hangers”. These hangers utilize vertical space, allowing for more garments to be hung up. They saved a lot of room and allowed me to hang up a lot of clothes in my closet. Amazon is also a great resource for textbooks. My older sister showed me that if you type in the book’s ISBN number in the Amazon search bar, it will bring you right to the book you are looking for. From there you will get options for both new and used books.

5. Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Bath and Beyond has become a go-to store for college students. They carry anything you could possibly need for college. It is perfect destination if you are looking to get it all done in one trip; however, it will end up costing you far more than if you utilize other stores. Bed Bath and Beyond is great when it comes to items like your mattress pad, appliances, and even bedding.

I purchased my Keurig, mattress pad, microwave, and a few other items there. The items that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond are great in quality, but they did cost a little more. For necessary items such as the mattress pad, it is usually better to put the extra money down because it will last you longer than a cheaper product. Bed Bath and Beyond has almost everything a student will need for their dorm; however, it is not the most cost effective choice if it is used as the sole source of shopping. Even with that, you can always count on a 20% off coupon coming in the mail!

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