Top 5 online games to play Online

Top 5 online games to play Online

Online Games

Online gaming has grown a lot over the past few years. The growing speed of the Internet has been one of the major reasons for this increased popularity of the online games. There are several online games currently been well known for a variety of reasons? There are MMORPG games, strategy games or even the card games. If you are confused about the how to choose the games, we are here to help you out. Let us check out the five best games that you can play online.

Best 5 Online Games to Play on your Laptop

We do not claim that the list is exhaustive by any standard. With the online gaming arena being filled with a huge lot of promising games, it may not be easy to make them constrained to a top five list. We present some representative online games here.

1. Frog Fractions

When you see for the first time or go through its description, you may think it is a dumb game suited for kids. In fact, the game has much more to offer than just what it appears to be.

The comedy that underlines the game is quite appealing. Play the game and you will fall in love with the hilarious and crazy environment that the game offers you. The soundtrack is what makes it more hilarious. The game is hilarious and educative at the same time.

2. Spider Solitaire

Solitaire has always been the hot favorite among all card game lovers. The toughest among the solitaire games, Spider Solitaire, is one of the most popular among all the solitaire games.

What makes playing the Spider Solitaire more interesting is that it is quite addictive and simple gameplay. In fact, Spider Solitaire has been treated to be the King of Solitaire Games. There are several varieties in the Spider Solitaire. A study has revealed that there are over 14 different versions of the Spider Solitaire widely played globally.


It is one of the most popular shooting games that has made online gaming an interesting proposition. Unlike the other shooting games, you need not pay attention to reflex or reaction and that is precisely what makes it a good option.

The game has not been released on a commercial basis as yet; however, we would expect it to come up soon. The time moves only when you move. Isn’t it the great feature? You will not need to worry about the distractions either. Shooting game at its best, and innovative at that – that is how we would describe Superhot.

4.Escape Goat

The game was initially available as a downloadable game; however, we are glad to inform you that the game has been made available on your browser.

Playing browser-based game may be a little costly as would drain you of your precious data, but they have their own advantages as well. Escape Goat is a cute and witty little game you will definitely fall in love with. The game is accompanied by a good soundtrack as well.


Wonderputt is a minigolf game but comes with challenges that make it even more interesting. Instead of just the basic golf paraphernalia, it includes asteroids, lily pads, and UFOs that make the game more challenging.

The game lets you have a look at the complete game arena at the startup itself and get a broader idea of the gameplay that you would want to indulge into. But remember, the game arena shifts as you continue in the game. It uses the basic touchscreen controls as in the other golf games, but takes the idea further and makes the games more interesting.

In a Nutshell….

That would conclude our list of top five online games you can play. As stated before, this is just a representative list and we do not claim that this list is not exhaustive in any sense. We have made an attempt to include the games from different genres and made this list comprehensive.

Have you played any of the games we have featured here? Do share your experiences with us.

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Fortnite On Your Phone? It's Here

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