The Top 5 Comedy Shows To Watch In 2018

The Top 5 Comedy Shows To Watch In 2018

Underground comedy that will make laugh and want to binge.

After New Year's Eve when the ball drops and the confetti settles, many college students will begin 2018 in a sort of hometown purgatory. It's a time where many are bored of their parents' house and high school friends but cannot go back to the dorms. However, the answer to this boredom is simple- binge watching. The past few years have brought us some of the most hilarious and entertaining comedies in television, but the problem is a lot of them are not given the recognition they rightfully deserve. Shows like "The Office" and "Parks and Rec" are champions in TV comedy but won't make this list since they're already so popular. With that said, here are the top 5 comedy shows to watch in 2018.

5. Broad City (Comedy Central)

"Broad City" began as a critically-acclaimed web series and turned into one of Comedy Central's most popular shows. It follows two female protagonists named Abby and Ilana, who double as the creators and writers of the show in real life, as they try to find their versions of success in New York City. Abbi is a struggling artist trying to find her career in the city, while Ilana is a sexually-deviant, millennial hippie looking for happiness. The paths these two best friends take usually lead to unexpected and ridiculous journeys that are very funny to watch.

Rating: 8.5 YAS Queens out of 10

4. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

BoJack is the name of this Netflix original series as well as the lead protagonist. Set in a world where anthropomorphic animals and humans coexist, BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) is a personified horse that is now a washed-up actor from the 1990's struggling to find work and meaning in life. He's narcissistic, vain, and an alcoholic with a many more problems that don't need to be listed here. The thing keeping him going is the heartfelt moments with his close friends who mean well but have problems of their own. This comedy can be dark and dramatic at times but mixes in light-hearted jokes as well. It's become one of my favorite Netflix series with an amazing cast and great writing that I think you will enjoy.

Rating: 8.7 horseshoes out of 10

3. The Eric Andre Show (Adult Swim)

The Eric Andre Show is a parody of late-night talk shows hosted by comedian Eric Andre, who is wild, unpredictable, and possibly insane which makes his style of comedy so hilarious. His co-host for the show is Hannibal Buress, who brings a more mellow tone to balance Eric's energy, although he's still arguably just as weird. Essentially, the show works like any other late-night talk show. Celebrity guests sit down with Eric and a standing Hannibal (the low-budget style of the show can only afford one chair) and get interviewed for TV. The catch is that Eric and Hannibal are the worst talk show hosts in the history of late-night television and attempt to make their guests as uncomfortable as possible, which results in hilarious TV. The interviews, low-budget/public-access TV style, and interspersed segments make this show one of my favorite underground comedies.

Rating: 9 bottles of ranch out of 10

2. Nathan For You (Comedy Central)

Created by Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder, "Nathan For You" is one of the most cringey and uncomfortable shows to watch in the best way possible. Nathan plays a character of himself that's intentionally socially awkward yet business savvy. He uses his business skills, which he acquired by graduating from "one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades," to help struggling businesses in a lampooning bar-rescue-type TV show. He comes up with hysterical out-of-the-box ideas that are ridiculous but usually work. The business owners are typically hesitant around Nathan but decide to trust him, probably because he has a camera crew and looks like a professional. This show has a dry, deadpan style of comedy and has become one of the best shows on TV.

Rating: An A+, which is a really good grade.

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Finally, the #1 comedy series to watch in 2018, in my opinion, should be "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Created by "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David, the show is a semi-fictional version of Larry's life after departing from his show "Seinfeld." Larry defies all social norms and courtesies by lacking any sense of social awareness and lives life on his own terms. What's truly relatable is how Larry David's characterization of himself behaves. We would all like to act the way Larry does, but we are too polite and perceptive to what's happening around us in social situations to truly be ourselves. Larry David is a comedic genius and once again found success in making a show about the randomness of everyday life become hilarious. The show has been around since 2000, took a 6-year hiatus in 2011, and returned for its ninth season in 2017. I strongly recommend catching up on his show before its tenth season returns in 2018.

Rating: 10 pretty goods out of 10

Cover Image Credit: Netflix

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What Your Hogwarts House Says About You

Get yourself sorted and find out where you belong in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Sorting at Hogwarts is a big deal. Being sorted into a house is essentially being placed into a family while you are away from home learning about witchcraft and wizardry. Your house is made up of the people you will live with, go to classes with, play Quidditch with and everything in between. You basically spend 24/7 with them. Your Hogwarts house is your home away from home.

When you get sorted into a house, it is based on your personality traits. The people in your house are typically like-minded people who display the same characteristics as you.

When you’re a first year at Hogwarts, the minute you set foot in the castle you are swept into the Great Hall to have the ancient Sorting Hat placed on your head. This Sorting Hat decides which “family” you’ll be spending your seven years with.

For some, it is very obvious which house they will be in, due to certain personality traits they possess. For others, they may exemplify traits that fit a multitude of houses and are uncertain where they may end up.

To find out where you belong, you can take the official "Harry Potter" Sorting Hat quiz at For all you muggles out there, these are the characteristics that the houses possess and what your house says about you:

Gryffindor: The house of the brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and chivalrous. Those who stand up for others are typically Gryffindors. Brave-hearted is the most well-known Gryffindor characteristic, and Gryffindors are also known for having a lot of nerve.

Gryffindors are people who hold a multitude of qualities alongside the ones listed, making them a very well-rounded house. People who are Gryffindors are often people who could fit nicely into another house but choose to tell the sorting hat they want Gryffindor (there's that bravery). "Do what is right" is the motto Gryffindors go by.

Being a Gryffindor means that you're probably the adventurous and courageous friend, and you are usually known for doing what is right.

Ravenclaw: The house is known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness and knowledge. Those who value brains over brawn can be found here. Ravenclaws often tend to be quite quirky as well. "Do what is wise" is the motto they strive to follow.

Though Ravenclaws can be know-it-alls sometimes, they most likely do know what the wisest decision is.

If you are known for being the quirky friend, the smartest in the group or just great at making wise decisions, you're definitely a Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuff: This house values hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. Hufflepuff’s are known for being just and true. "Do what is nice" is their motto.

Hufflepuff is known as the “nice house” and believes strongly in sparing peoples feelings and being kind. This is not to say that Hufflepuffs aren't smart or courageous. Hufflepuffs just enjoy making others happy and tend to be more patient towards people.

If you ever find that you are too nice for your own good and cannot bear to hurt someone’s feelings, congratulations, you are a Hufflepuff.

Slytherin: This is the house of the cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. Slytherin's love to be in charge and crave leadership. "Do what is necessary" is the motto of this house.

Slytherin is a fairly well-rounded house, similar to the other houses. They are loyal to those that are loyal to them just as Gryffindors are and are intelligent as Ravenclaws.

Slytherin house as a whole is not evil, despite how many dark wizards come out of this house. That is merely based on the choices of those wizards (so if your friend is a Slytherin, don’t judge, it doesn’t mean they are mean people). Slytherins do, however, have a tendency to be arrogant or prideful. This is most likely due to the fact that everyone in Slytherin is exceedingly proud to be there.

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Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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The House On Shady Lane Part 1

They are anything but normal...


The house at the end of Shady Lane was always quiet. The man that lived there was posing as a doctor, or at least that's what I say. He goes by Nick and has two teenage sons named Mark and Josh, but he seems too young to have kids that age. I believe that my neighbor is living a double life because he is not as picture perfect as he seems...

Call me crazy, but I was walking home one night after Basketball practice. It was October, so the breeze was cool and leaves covered the ground. Not many people in the neighborhood are out until Halloween, and everything was silent. I had to pass the house as I saw Mark out front playing ball. I tried to pass him without a word, but he caught me.

"Hey...Aren't you on the team?" He asked approaching the end of the driveway.

"Yeah, um you should try out. You're pretty good" I had no idea what to say.

"No, I'm not into that kind of thing. Besides, I don't think my Dad would really agree with it."

It struck me odd because I honestly knew nothing about these people despite them living on my street for a couple of months. I had asked him why but Mark just shrugged his shoulders and threw the ball towards the hoop. I shifted my eyes and decided to leave without another word. As I crossed the street and made my way up the porch steps to my house, Mark was gone.

The next day at school I overheard some kids talking about that family on the team. It's like no one even knows who they are, do they even have a last name? Alex and Troy were calling them freaks and blah blah but I wasn't listening. I did, however, pay close attention and picked up things here and there.

First, a kid named Sam was jogging down the street. I must not have been home to see it but I know he likes to make rounds through different neighborhoods. He was out running one night and one of the kids were trailing behind him. Alex said he wasn't running, he was just slowly stalking him. If that isn't creepy, I don't know what is.

Now it came to the case of missing Mariah Parsons. She's in our grade and she has been missing since maybe a week and a half ago. According to these two, she had been last seen at the house on Shady Lane. Sure, I've heard a couple of kids say she went over there a couple of times but I don't remember what for. The girl is missing and she was last spotted at their house...

Of course, practice ran late and I had to walk home yet again. Now I saw Josh outside and he was bringing groceries into the house. Nick was helping in the garage and I tried not to pay too much attention but I couldn't help it. I paused for a second at the end of the driveway, why I honestly don't know.

"Hello there...Anything I can help you with?" Nick walked over.

"Um...No not really. I was talking to your son Mark the other day and..." He had cut me off and proceeded to repeat the story. That my name is Matt, I'm on the basketball team and I asked his son to try out. He stopped sharply and I just continued on. "Have you heard about Mariah Parsons?"

Josh had stopped pulling bags from the trunk and whipped my way. He gave me an icy stare and Nick looked behind him to check him or something. I don't know why I asked that but it was the first thing on my mind.

"It's a tragic story really. She would come over here a couple of times a week to help my sons with their school work. They are homeschooled and she would stop by mostly to help with Spanish and Math. Other than that, I really don't know what happened to her"

He turned around and moved back into the garage without another word. Josh had continued to stare for a good fifteen seconds before going back to what he was doing. I in a way wanted to press forward but didn't. As I pulled myself away from their house, I saw Mark standing in the living room staring out the window with a wide grin playing on his lips.

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