Top 5 Best Facebook Games in 2019 - Updated List

Top 5 Best Facebook Games in 2019 - Updated List



There is no doubt that Facebook games have evolved over the years and, with the Facebook application platform, game developers now have the opportunity to exploit social connections to create a captivating Gameplay. Facebook players account for up to 25% of Facebook's monthly active users. This is a significant number considering that Facebook has more than one billion users.

There are thousands of Facebook games with several class varieties that allow users to keep in touch with their distant friends while creating new ones. Thus, apart from excellent features such as sharing photos and videos, Facebook also offers many choices of games.

Here are the best 5 Facebook games to play in 2019.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is considered one of the most popular Facebook games, with more than 50 million users per month. With over 900 levels, the game is so much fun and addictive that you'll never get tired of playing. It requires you to solve different jigsaw puzzles such as the association of similar candies, the search for objects, the defusing of candy bombs, lost time, etc.

2 . Coin Master

This strategy game for Android and iOS By Moon Active, although it does not look easy to master, yet it is not very technical and does not take much time. A game that gives a lot to tell because it is so addictive and full of vicissitudes, but this time, it is necessary to join the Viking world to go to the assault and open roads, get villages that are a source of profits, loot the enemy base and fight to death with opponents.

First of all, Coins Master is a very fun game. You can play it if you connect with Facebook. In this way, many of your friends will add you and you can tie each other's village. The main goal of the game is to get as many coins as you can. But be aware that all these coins can be stolen by other players. With them, you can improve your village, repair your village, improve your pets or buy chests that will give you cards. Basically, you turn the wheel to see what you got. You can afford to defend your village, get revenge on someone who attacked or ravage other villages. In all situations, you get coins.

Sadly without Spins, you can not move. Coins and spins play the most important role in Coin Master. Without them, the game can not keep going. Everything revolves around them and for them. Each action that runs in the game is due to coins and Spins.

Luckily You can claim your free Spins today when you use a website called This famous website will allow you to claim your coin master free spins in no time flat.

3. Clash of Clans

Fight other players and destroy their posts, and check your movement only when there is no movement left, your help is over and you have no lives left. The pleasure of playing this game lies in the fact that you are free to choose your characters and make your community a great fortress. Clash of Clans is available for download on iOS and Android devices. You can also check out the best games like coc in 2019.

4. Poker Texas Hold'em

If you like live poker games, Texas Hold'em Poker will fascinate you. It is an exciting game based on probabilities and theory, and which arouses many followers in the field of card games. The game allows you to play with fantastic features and is easy to play - it features a pot in which all players put their virtual money, and the computer draws the cards at random.

You can play Texas Hold'em Poker with your friends or find new players with whom you can play. What makes it more interesting is that it is free and available in the game room or you can download it on any of your devices.

5. 8 Ball Pool

Developed by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer Facebook game where you have to score against other players. It offers a chance to play against more than 10 million players online, making it one of the most popular free Facebook games in the sports and games genre. 8 Ball Pool provides simple rules to understand and the animation is one of the best.

You can play the 8 Ball Pool game on all Android and iOS platforms. In addition to competing with other players online, you can also participate in the championship to win goodies.

that's it guys , make sure to check them out and leave a comment below with what game you liked the most and find the best to play. Have fun guys!

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