The Top 5 Things You're Already Looking Forward To Over the Holidays

By this time, you are probably really itching to go home. School is beginning to drag on and assignments are becoming tedious. The only thing getting you through is the thought of quality downtime with your family.

Even better, you get to go home and spend time with them for the holidays. The holidays bring about so much joy and this time of year surely brings on special memories and events to look forward to while you are home.

There are just some things we can all agree on that make going home so much more exciting.

1. Food

After a long year, I think we can all agree that the only thing we so desire is a hot cooked meal and an overdose on sweets that include momma's homemade specialties.

2. Shopping

It's hard not to take advantage of the sweet opportunity to stock up on new clothes and spend time indulging with close family and friends.

3. Relaxing

You worked hard all semester, now is the time to put all your worries away and spend time doing what you do best. That is, crawling into bed with your favorite Netflix series or holiday film favorite.

4. Traditions

We all value something different that we take part in with our families, but it is these traditions that excite us even more to go home and participate in.

5. Memories

Above all though, the best part about coming home for the holidays are the warm smiles that greet you at the door and the countless memories and special moments you get to share with the people you missed spending time with.

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