Keep the celebration going into the new year!

With January comes the start of the new year! Everyone is making resolutions to lose weight and such, so be different. Make it your resolution to celebrate every national day this year! Here are a few coming up each day in January!

January 1st: New Year's Day / National Hangover Day

If you are starting off 2018 with a hangover, that means you ended 2017 right.

January 2nd: National Buffet Day / National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

Yes, I am aware of personal trainers and healthy lifestyles. That being said, I am still going to hit the buffet line for seconds and thirds.

January 3rd: National Fruitcake Toss Day

If you haven't already thrown those fruitcakes in the garbage, take part in National Fruitcake Toss Day! Grab a buddy and a slingshot and make that thing fly!

January 4th: National Spaghetti Day

Who doesn't love a big plate of spaghetti? If you're feeling crazy, throw a few meatballs on top, too!

January 5th: National Whipped Cream Day

You can do a lot with whipped cream - put it on an ice cream sundae, squirt it into your mouth from the can, put in in a pie and smash it in someone's face... so grab a can of Reddi Whip and enjoy that fluffy, creamy deliciousness however you like best!

January 6th: National Bean Day / National Cuddle Up Day

I love beans but I'm not sure it's really safe to cuddle up with me after I eat a bowl of them...

January 7th: National Bobblehead Day

The only bobbleheads I really have are the freebies they give away to kids when you go to the Phillies games. I know Shane Victorino doesn't play for the Phillies anymore, but you'd best bet my Flyin' Hawaiian figurine will be out on display anyway!

January 8th: National Bubble Bath Day

If any day is a good day to sit back and relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, it's January 8th.

January 9th: National Static Electricity Day

Put of your fuzzy wool socks, shuffle around on a carpet, and give your family and friends a shock or two!

January 10th: National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Try to use less electricity by watching less TV and keeping the lights dim - OR you could just go Amish-style for the day

January 11th: National Milk Day / National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Jumping in puddles is fun. Splashing your friends is funny. Embrace your inner child today - and don't forget to drink your milk to help build strong bones!

January 12th: Kiss a Ginger Day

It's another day for gingers to wear their "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts!

January 13th: National Rubber Ducky Day / National Sticker Day

This is another day in January where it is completely acceptable to embrace your inner child! Give out stickers to your friends that let them know they are doing a "good job" or simply just look like an animal. And take a nice bath with your rubber duckies... I know you have some.

January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day

My dogs and cats do not handle dress ups very well. Luckily my goats do!

January 15th: National Hat Day

I wear beanies a lot and at the beach I always have some kind of wide brimmed hat on to protect my face from the sun. But on National Hat Day requires a goofy one!

January 16th: National Fig Newton Day

It's another national day for the 20-something-year-old grandmas like me!

January 17th: National Hot Buttered Rum Day

This is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents so you'd best bet I will be lighting them!

January 18th: National Thesaurus Day

Want to drive someone crazy? Look up common words in the thesaurus, ascertain the most extravagant synonym there is, and then adopt it in place of the common word. It's quite uproarious.

January 19th: National Popcorn Day

I mean, personally I prefer kettle corn but popcorn is alright too... as long as it's caramel corn!

January 20th: National Cheese Lover's Day / National Disc Jockey Day

Work on your night cheese while listening to your favorite DJ's remixes!

January 21st: National Hugging Day / Squirrel Appreciation Day

Hopefully squirrels are nicer than raccoons...

January 22nd: National Blonde Brownie Day

The best way to enjoy blondies is in the Ben and Jerry's pint form, if you want my opinion.

January 23rd: National Pie Day

Coconut custard will be my choice. What's your favorite pie?

January 24th: National Compliment Day / National Peanut Butter Day

Can I just compliment peanut butter for being absolutely delicious?

January 25th: National Opposite Day

I'm not going to celebrate today by not saying what the opposite of what I mean.

January 26th: National Green Juice Day

Kale, cucumbers, celery, spinach, avocado, lime, granny smith apple... how many green things can you fit into your green juice?

January 27th: National Chocolate Cake Day

You had your green juice yesterday. You deserve your chocolate cake today.

January 28th: National Kazoo Day

Out of all the instruments I can play, I'd say I'm best at the kazoo - not to brag or anything.

January 29th: National Corn Chip Day / National Puzzle Day

You can make a plate of nachos or just sit down with your favorite salsa/queso and bag of corn chips to munch on while you solve a puzzle.

January 30th: National Croissant Day

It can be sweet or savory, I don't really care. I'm not picky when it comes to warm, flaky, buttery French pastries as long as I get some!

January 31st: National Backward Day

January 31st is my brother's birthday SO everyone remember to say happy 18th birthday to Brenton Burkholder - but call him Redlohkrub Netnerb, because it's backward day too.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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12 Starbucks Iced Drinks You NEED In Your Life This Summer

Must-try beverages brought to you by your local barista.

Be kind to your baristas, they can make you some pretty great drinks. With the temperature rising and the days getting longer, it's approaching the time to find your summer staple to keep you cool (and caffeinated) over the next few months.

Starbucks offers a wide variety of cold beverages that really hit the spot during the summer months, from espresso drinks to fraps, smoothies, teas and refreshers. As a Starbucks barista, I've had the opportunity to taste most drinks on the menu and receive feedback from customers on the do's and don'ts of cold beverages.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I pulled together some of my favorites to give you, the "Ultimate Starbucks Iced Beverage Bucket List for 2017" that you MUST try this season:

1. Pink Drink

Three words: Basic white girl. If you want a photogenic drink that tastes like a Starburst and makes baristas happy, the Pink Drink is for you. It's a pretty simple beverage... this Strawberry Acai Refresher combined with Coconutmilk is sure to satisfy your hipster needs.

2. Iced White Mocha

This sinfully sweet iced espresso drink is not only one of the most popular beverages on the menu, but sure to wake you up at any time of day. Jazz it up by asking for half white chocolate, half mocha sauce, topped with a mocha drizzle, and you've got yourself an Iced Tuxedo Mocha!

3. Doubleshot on Ice

If nothing else, this quick pick-me-up looks classy while giving you the energy boost you need to get through the day. With two shots of espresso, a bit of milk and classic syrup, this drink is easy to enjoy in little time... it's like a caffeine I.V.!

4. Iced Caramel Machiatto

Surprise, surprise... Caramel Machiattos are actually made with vanilla syrup. Nonetheless, these espresso-topped beverages are absolutely delicious at any time of year, but summer calls for ice! Want to change things up? Ask your barista to make it with half vanilla syrup, half toffee nut syrup to make an Iced Salted Caramel Machiatto!

5. Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

A sister to the Pink Drink, the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is a fruit juice-blackberry combo that makes for a pretty chilled beverage to enjoy on the go. The caffeine content is minimal, making it a great option for any time of day.

6. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Cold Brew is basically Starbucks' version of a smoother-tasting iced coffee with more caffeine. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is a standard drink topped with vanilla-flavored heavy cream to create a sweet taste and a marbled appearance in the beverage. Want something with flavor, but not in the mood for vanilla? Try the Toasted Coconut Cold Brew!

7. Mango Black Tea Lemonade

The Mango Black Tea Lemonade is one of the most popular drinks on the menu. Iced Teavana tea mixed with mango syrup and lemonade makes for the perfect combination

8. Iced Chai Tea Latte

Iced Chais - sound so sophisticated, yet so simple to make. If you order this drink, there is a 10/10 chance that your barista will love you for it. Milk mixed with a sweet and spicy chai syrup makes for a classy drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

9. Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Machiatto

The identifying characteristic that makes a macchiato, well, a macchiato is that the espresso shots are poured on top of the milk and flavoring. Starbucks' Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Machiatto is a combination of cinnamon dolce syrup and almondmilk topped with espresso shots, a caramel drizzle and a cinnamon dolce topping to create a delicious dairy-free option in the macchiato family.

10. Sunset Refresher

This secret menu drink is fairly simple to make with a cool lime base, lemonade, lime slices, and ice topped with black tea. When finished, the drink will have an ombré appearance that makes it totally picture-worthy!

11. Iced Caffè Americano

Calling all espresso lovers: Americanos are a Starbucks signature. The drink itself is pretty simple - espresso and water topped with ice, but if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can mix things up with a flavored syrup. This drink is sure to wake you right up, no matter the time of day.

12. Strawberry Lemonade

Want something cold but not feeling coffee or a frap? Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is definitely worth a try! While this drink is not on the menu, most baristas are happy to make it upon request. Just ask for a combination of strawberry flavoring, lemonade, and ice blended together for a slushie-like beverage!

Cover Image Credit: FoodBeast

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11 Tips For The College Vegetarian

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the bank and leave you rushing out the door to class.


Five years ago I decided to become a vegetarian. I have learned so much about healthy eating as a student, making meals cheap and quick yet still delicious. From dorm room smoothies to making the most of dining halls, this list will help you follow a vegetarian diet while attending college.

1. Smoothies are your best friend 

Drink your morning breakfast on the go easily by mixing up your favorite ingredients into a blender. Throwing frozen fruit such as strawberries and bananas in a blender with some milk and yogurt creates the perfect morning smoothie. Adding things like almond butter, almond milk, and protein powder will provide you with enough protein to get through your morning. I like to throw some granola on top of my smoothie for an added crunch as I'm drinking it.

2. Cook in bulk 

Pick a day during the week to cook in bulk. Most halls will have a kitchen somewhere in them and you can utilize it to make some food to eat throughout the week. Cook up a large quantity of rice or pasta on the stove top and keep it contained for eating throughout the week. For a quick healthy lunch take some pre-made noodles and heat them up with some vegetables in a microwave.

3. Research opinions on your campus 

College campuses have a variety of places to eat, but the key to finding places that will fit a vegetarian diet is research. You won't find a lot of opinions at commercial fast food chains, such as Chick Fil A or Mcdonald's, so it's important to know what spots to eat at. At the salad bar, you can load up on fresh veggies and dressings. If your campus has hot bar options, you can pick out things like rice, potatoes, vegetarian soups, etc.

4. Master the microwave 

You can make all kinds of meals in a microwave, which will save you time out of your busy college schedule. Amy's makes plenty of frozen vegetarian meals that you can stock up on at your local supermarket (shown in the video above!!) and Gardein makes tons of meat alternatives packed with protein that will satisfy your hunger.

5. Savor some soup 

Whether it's cold on campus or not, a bowl of warm soup is the perfect way to get a quick meal in. Supermarkets carry a variety of soups that only require water and a quick trip to the microwave that tastes great! Next time you're trying to figure out what to eat, try a hearty soup with some crackers and your stomach will thank you.

6. The power of snacks 

Don't neglect your snacks! If you're ever hungry in class, make sure to have healthy snacks with you so you aren't tempted to splurge on expensive unhealthy food. A hangry mind never makes the wisest food choices. Bring along granola, nuts, fruits, and your favorite snacks to munch on.

7. Drink lots of water 

Most health professionals would recommend drinking about half a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated. Water boosts your metabolism, helps your body break down food, flushes out toxins, and other many other health benefits. Vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers alike all need to drink plenty of it to take better care of their bodies.

8. Talk to your doctor 

Doctors are the best people to talk to when going through a dietary change. They are educated and qualified to answer the questions you may have. For newer vegetarians, they have packets full of advice and recipes that can start you out. For long-time vegetarians, they often recommend a B-12 vitamin to make sure you don't become vitamin deficient while not eating meat.

9. Replace unhealthy foods 

Don't bring unhealthy food that is going to tempt you into your dorm. Try to avoid super sugary foods and instead eat some fruit if your sweet tooth comes calling. Replace candy with healthy snacks such as nuts, and opt for whole grain options rather than refined grains (white bread/rice).

10. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Most colleges will have a fitness center that you can use to workout in. Part of taking care of your body is exercising it often. Find time in your schedule for a quick trip to the gym or maybe even consider taking a fitness class such as boxing or yoga.

11. Listen to your body 

The vegetarian diet isn't for everyone and there is no reason that you should let yourself go hungry ever. Maintaining it while living in a dorm, surrounded by fast food, makes it a difficult task to manage. So if it is something you want to do and believe in, go for it! If not there's no reason to beat yourself up over it.

Lastly, celebrate yourself. Maintaining a vegetarian diet is no easy task, especially for a busy student looking to save cash. Give yourself a pat on the back for eating healthy and contributing to the betterment of the planet. You deserve it.

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