Top 4 Things to Do In Edinburgh

Top 4 Things to Do In Edinburgh

Scotland boasts a stunningly natural and historical elegance, from the vast open spaces of the Highlands to its alluring cities.


The two biggest cities in Scotland are only an hour apart, Glasgow is an up and coming city with a unique gritty charm and Edinburgh remains to be a regal city with steeped with a fascinating history.

Glasgow has recently seen a rise in visitors due to its raw beauty from its Victorian architecture and passionate locals eager to showcase their wonderful city. While exploring Glasgow is a must while visiting Scotland, a visit in the country is not complete without discovering Edinburgh. Traveling east on the M8 from Glasgow by car, Edinburgh is a vibrant city that is brimming with life and oozes rustic charm.

Below is a list of the top 4 things to do while visiting the city of Edinburgh.

Explore Edinburgh Castle

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent structure overlooking the city. Perhaps the most popular attraction in the city, the Edinburgh Castle dominates the cityscape and holds significant value in Scottish history. Built in the 11th century, it stands today as a major tourist spot not just in Scotland, but the whole of the United Kingdom. Walk through its narrow cobbled streets and ramparts within the city walls as you enter the castle seeing important Scottish items such as the clothes of royals and weapons used during the war with England. Scale the castle's towers and terraces to see a gorgeous sweeping view of the whole city.

Explore the Old Town

Edinburgh's old town is a great place to explore after visiting Edinburgh Castle. Walk down the Royal Mile through the medieval city that is still teeming with life and establishments. It is filled with small boutique shops selling local trinkets and whiskey, to lively pubs serving up traditional fare. The street is also filled with street performers and vendors making it one of the most bustling streets in the city. At the end of the Royal Mile is the ornate Holyrood Palace where it is the official Royal residence upon visiting Scotland.

Hike Up Arthur's Seat

While Edinburgh is filled with elegant beige colored buildings, the city is also blessed with large green spaces for people to take a walk and enjoy the greenery. After enjoying the drive through Scotland's beautiful countryside, you'll want to stretch your legs, and a hike up Arthur's Seat is the perfect way to do just that.

Just across Holyrood Palace is an extinct volcano where you can climb up to see great views of the city and the rolling green fields in the horizon. The volcano named Arthur's Seat, supposedly derived from the legendary story of King Arthur, towers up to the city with Edinburgh Castle.

Admire The Architecture At St. Giles Cathedral

From its distinctly shaped steeple to its intricate interior design, visiting this church is a must even if you are not religious. The cathedral has been around since the 14th century and has remained to continue its church services while showing off its beautiful architecture. The artistry can be seen on its stained glass window and its baroque ceiling.

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How Happiness In A Relationship Is So Important

What is the happiness and love that we as individuals deserve when it comes to our relationship?


It's different for each of us. Some prefer being showered in gifts, being showed off on social media, bragged about to family and friends. But, what is the one thing that all of those have in common?

That would be the unmistakable amount of love your significant other has for you, that they will do anything to show you that they love you unconditionally. We all show our love for one another in various ways. I for one love being shown the love someone else has for me in small things they do.

It could be a simple 'good morning love' text message or even just a hug out of the blue. Knowing that someone cares so deeply about you is one of life's greatest gifts. Knowing that another human being loves you and wants to be with you, it makes us drunk off of love and our heads float up to the stars.

However, when we don't feel that love, that connection, that reassurance from our significant other that they love and care for us back, it can be an extremely overwhelming and a lonely feeling.

We start looking for those feelings and connections elsewhere. In our friends for reassurance if we look good or blowing up their phones for attention.

We start caring about if other people find us attractive or not, we relish in compliments that other people give us. We start looking for that happiness elsewhere. It's not because you stop loving your significant other or stop caring about them, but we as humans need to feel important and like we are needed by another person.

When you stop letting your significant other know how much you care about them or showcasing your love for them, even if it's a simple gesture like holding their hand or holding the door open for them, they will begin to look elsewhere.

Now I am in no way saying that they will cheat on you, but your relationship and their attitude and feelings towards you will never be the same until you start showing them how much they mean to you just as much as they do for you. I don't condone cheaters or staying in a relationship that you are not happy in.

Yes, some relationships go through hard times like distance or a traumatic event. However, the way I see it is if you entered into the relationship, to begin with, you obviously cared about that person a lot and if they show you that they care and love you for the person you are and your past then they deserve the same in return from you.

Relationships are not always easy, they take time, determination, communication, compromise, and love to stay afloat. If one of you isn't willing to give your all and put forth the effort needed then it will never work. A relationship can't be successful if it is only one-sided.

Despite peoples life's being busy on a day to day basis, you need to always find time for your significant other. Because at the end of the day when things hit the fan, your significant other should be the one that will be there no matter what and always be by your side.

All in all, you need to treat each other the way in which you would want to be treated in a relationship and treat them the way they should be treated despite whatever chaos is going on in the world about you. Love is the conquer of all and should never be thrown around or not taken seriously.

Loving someone else is a gift we are given by God and never taken lightly.

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A Complete Guide on How to Enjoy Divinity in Zagreb, Croatia?



Among many European countries, Zagreb is considered one of the hottest countries in the world. It is a destination where not many tourists go but if they decide to go, they make sure of managing everything in advance – which places to visit, how to visit, and when to visit are some frequently asked questions.

In this article, we have gathered enough information for all those who are about to travel to Zagreb for the first time. As it is the first time only when a tourist feels insecure and quite hesitant in hiring services.

Let's figure out what we need to know prior delving into other aspects. First and foremost, it is about the route you need to take, rent a car service, and place to spend your days. Secondly, it is about their integrities as in further details which might not be required to know in this article.

Where to go to Zagreb?

Following are some areas which are a must to go in Zagreb. Reason being they are the best tourist spots which are profoundly known for their landmarks.

1. St. Mark Cathedral

2. Lotrscak Tower

3. Ljubljana

4. Plitvice National Parks

5. Zagreb Airport

How to go to Zagreb?

Now, the question arises as to how one can go to Zagreb. Is it just through rental pick and drop services? Or do we have other options too? Well, the answer to it is simple: traveling across Zagreb is possible through hiring Auto Europe rental car service. It works with hundreds of drivers and customers with the utmost quality. A number of pickup locations make the visit to Zagreb easier by picking the tourist from the airport and taking them to the hotel. From hotel to the fixed tourist points is another task assigned to these rental car service chauffeurs. Everything is preplanned and at times decided on the spot.

What services to render for traveling to Zagreb?

This company is best in providing all you may need in a good rental car facility. Having said so, it complies best and affordable prices which mostly come in the form of a package. Moreover, each and every trip to Zagreb with Auto Europe is full of excitement and a new car. It helps in maintaining and stabilizing business of the rent a car globally. For instance, in summers, they offer sportscar which totally puts a customer in a state of awe; and in winters SUV is rented for climbing up the mountains.

Last verdict:

In short, cars matter the most and renting a car from this particular company, one tends to have a fun-filled, amazing, and full of memories kind of a trip.

You and I, all those who want to visit Zagreb, must explore the place with the right rent a car service. In this case, rent a car from Zagreb and visit other campsites in the pitches and patches of mountainous, natural, and epic areas.

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